Vol 108, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


Solar Irradiance Model for Solar Electric Panels and Solar Thermal Collectors in Lithuania PDF
D. Vasarevicius, R. Martavicius 3-6
Collision Avoidance Concept for the ATC Expert System PDF
I. Sinuks 7-10
Energy Efficiency Comparison with Cipher Strength of AES and Rijndael Cryptographic Algorithms in Mobile Devices PDF
J. Toldinas, V. Stuikys, R. Damasevicius, G. Ziberkas, M. Banionis 11-14
Motor Control using Discontinuous Signals PDF
C. Aghion, O. Ursaru 15-18
Analysis of Rejection Properties of Meander Systems PDF
A. Katkevicius, S. Staras 19-22


The Evaluation of CFIP Lumina in RoF Networks PDF
A. Bogdanovs, J. Porins 23-26


Impact of Wireless Channel Parameters on Quality of Video Streaming PDF
S. Paulikas, P. Sargautis, V. Banevicius 27-30
Analytical Estimation of Self-Similar Wireless Traffic Relaxation Time and Hurst Coefficient Dependence PDF
R. Yeryomin, E. Petersons 31-34
Investigation of Signalling Flow Transfer Processes based on SCTP Protocol PDF
A. Jarutis 35-38
Adaptive Cross-layer Optimization Based on Markov Decision Process PDF
Z. Velickovic, M. Jevtovic 39-42
The Analysis of Network Performance with Different Routing and Interconnection Methods PDF
A. Kostic-Ljubisavljevic, S. Mladenovic, V. Acimovic-Raspopovic, A. Samcovic 43-46
Dual-Hop System Analysis in Nakagami-m Environment PDF
A. D. Cvetkovic, M. C. Stefanovic, N. M. Sekulovic, E. S. Mekic, D. Manic 47-50


Analytical Method for Differential Amplifier Offset Voltage Analysis PDF
A. Baskys, L. Nickelson, R. Navickas 51-54


Generalized Mathematical Model of Controlled Linear Oscillating Mechatronic Device PDF
A. Senulis, D. Eidukas, E. Guseinoviene 55-60
Wavelet Based Reference Current Calculation Method for Active Compensation Systems PDF
G. Gokmen 61-66
Mitigation of Magnetizing Inrush Current using Sequential Phase Energization Technique PDF
M. Jamali, M. Mirzaie, S. Asghar-Gholamian 67-70
Switched Semilogarithmic Quantization of Gaussian Source with Low Delay PDF
A. Mosic, Z. Peric, M. Savic, S. Panic 71-74
Determination of the Spectral Properties and Harmonic Levels for Driving an Induction Motor by an Inverter Driver under the Different Load Conditions PDF
S. Taskin, H. Gokozan 75-80


Simulation using Interruptions PDF
S. Bartkevicius, K. Sarkauskas, A. Vilkauskas 81-84
Nonlinear Control based on Feedback Linearization for Double- Electromagnet Suspension System PDF
A. Maghsoudlou, R. Barzamini, K. D. Farahani 85-90
Using Bayesian Network for Robot Behavior with Sensor Fault PDF
A. Rezaee, A. Raie, A. Nadi, S. Shiry 91-96


Comparison of Two 12-Key Assignments on Mobile Devices PDF
V. Dagiene, G. Grigas, T. Jevsikova 97-102
A New Approach for an Efficient DTW in Face Detection through Eyes Localization PDF
S. Adwan, H. Arof 103-108
A Hybrid GA-PSO Approach Based on Similarity for Various Types of Economic Dispatch Problems PDF
U. Guvenc, S. Duman, B. Saracoglu, A. Ozturk 109-114

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731