Resolution and Doppler Tolerance of Cognitive System Waveforms

  • J. Berdnikova Tallinn University of Technology
  • T. Ruuben Tallinn University of Technology
  • I. Müürsepp Tallinn University of Technology
  • E. Lossmann Tallinn University of Technology


Modern intelligent data acquisition systems use spread-spectrum waveforms and sensor systems with varying parameters according to the state of environment and objects to be tracked. Cognitivity allows the system to adapt to particular objects and environment, therefore increasing object detection probability and measurement accuracy (distance to objects, speed and resolution). This paper discusses the possible future development of a cognitive system with dynamic spread-spectrum waveform design. The active data acquisition system modeling results will provide information about the suitability of proposed waveforms and reception algorithms concerning Doppler tolerance and noisy environment. The devised methods could be implemented in sounding equipment prototypes for further studies. Theoretical and experimental results will be compared and evaluated.