A Unitary View Toward Analog Weighting/Amplifying F-F-1 Cells

L. Festila, L. Szolga, S. Hintea, M. Cirlugea


This paper deals with a unitary and systematic design of some weighting, or amplifying circuits based on a simple externally linear internally nonlinear (ELIN) model described by a pair of generally nonlinear functions F and F-1. We put into evidence two model parameters for determining the conditions to fit both nonlinearities in order to get a linear operation in large signal domain. These parameters also helps with finding out opportunities to control linearly circuit parameters by an external signal or program them by suitably sizing and reconfiguring components. Both Voltage-mode (V-M) and current-mode (C-M) types of cells can be easily analysed and compared in this mean. Using such very general F-F-1 models not only known circuit topologies may be quickly and directly analysed but other new simple modular V-M or C-M weighting/amplifying cell schematics could be derived.

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Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731