PWM for Single Phase 3L Z/qZ-Source Inverter with Balanced Power Losses

  • C. Roncero-Clemente University of Extremadura
  • O. Husev Tallinn University of Technology
  • T. Jalakas Tallinn University of Technology
  • E. Romero-Cadaval University of Extremadura
  • J. Zakis Riga Technical University
  • V. Minambres-Marcos University of Extremadura
Keywords: Power conversion, pulse width modulation converters, solar energy, power semiconductor switches


This paper presents a new modified carrier based single phase modulation technique with maximum constant boost control for three level Z or qZ-source inverter topology. The proposed technique is explained, analysed and compared with the previous one in simulation as well in experimental way. Obtained results are compared from the point of view of power losses in the electronic switches. Advantages and disadvantages of the converters performance based on the proposed modulation techniques implementation are discussed.