Innovative Two-path Data Transmission Scheme Proposal

  • P. Chlumsky Czech Technical University in Prague
  • J. Vodrazka Czech Technical University in Prague
Keywords: Data transmission scheme, network coding, path diversity, error correction


In this paper an innovative transmission scheme is proposed that improves resilience of data transmission over two, or generally more, separate channels. Within the solving of the wireless communication project we discovered a problem with optimal communication over independent transmission channels. This article presents a new transmission scheme as a solution to this problem. Our scheme uses techniques from the network coding field that manipulate the data within packets. Using this approach, and with the new internal logic at the decoder part, we obtained a lower end-to-end error rate compared to common path diversity schemes such as load balance or backup. These schemes were implemented, to verify our assumptions, as well as the proposed scheme, in the discrete network simulation framework OMNeT++ and mutually compared. Results of these simulations proved profitability of the proposed scheme.


Author Biography

P. Chlumsky, Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Telecommunication Engineering
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Chlumsky, P., & Vodrazka, J. (2014). Innovative Two-path Data Transmission Scheme Proposal. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 20(10), 57-61.