Peculiarities of Multivariate Analysis Based Methods for Detection and Evaluation of ECG T-wave Alternans

  • S. Krakauskaite Kaunas University of Technology
  • R. Simoliuniene University of Health Sciences
  • R. Petrolis University of Health Sciences
  • A. Krisciukaitis University of Health Sciences
Keywords: Principal component analysis, periodic component analysis, ECG T-wave alternans


Two multivariate analysis methods based on Principal Component Analysis and Periodic Component Analysis designed for detection and evaluation of ECG T-wave alternans were tested on synthetic and clinical recordings in the aim to reveal their diagnostic features. Advanced data pre-processing including normalization of S-T,T segment duration by means of bicubic interpolation was used to increase methods reliability. Non-visible variations in shape of S-T,T segment were revealed by means of the methods in the recordings registered in severe cardiac situations. Results lead to the idea, that analysis of T-wave alternans could be used not only for prevention of critical cardiac situations, but give valuable additional diagnostic information about status of cardiologic patients during ordinary examination.