Reducing Moment and Current Fluctuations of Induction Motor System of Electrical Vehicles by using Adaptive Field Oriented Control

  • T. V. Mumcu Yildiz Technical University
  • I. Aliskan Yildiz Technical University
  • K. Gulez Yildiz Technical University
  • G. Tuna Trakya University
Keywords: Field oriented control, induction motors, moment and current fluctuations


This paper presents an adaptive field oriented control (FOC) method for induction motor systems (IMSs). After the details of the method are presented, the conventional FOC is applied to control the moment of the system in order to observe current and moment fluctuations. And then, the adaptive FOC method is applied to the IMS to change the switching condition of the voltage vectors. In terms of current, moment and electromagnetic flux, the conventional FOC and the adaptive FOC methods are compared. The proposed method gives better results at the IMS output. Simulation results show that current and moment fluctuations can be reduced by using the proposed approach.