AC Chopper Application and Benefits of Auxiliary Windings for PSC Motors

  • M. F. Isik Hitit University
  • U. Guvenc Duzce University
  • H. Yanmaz Hitit University
Keywords: AC choppers, pulse width modulation, permanent split capacitor


In this work, a novel driver circuit is designed for permanent split capacitor motors (PSC). With this driver circuit, semi-conductive technology is used in place of cumulative winding for this type of motors that are particularly used in kitchen exhaust fans. Developed circuit is controlled via PWM method. IGBT transistors are used for the power circuit. An optocoupler driver is designed and used in order to drive and trigger these IGBT transistors. Due to this reason, this work includes an electronic AC/AC chopper application that provides energy conservation and noise reduction by removing cumulative winding in currently used asynchronous motors with cumulative auxiliary winding stators and shaded pole motors.