Modelling VM Migration in a Fog Computing Environment

  • Pedro Juan Roig
  • Salvador Alcaraz
  • Katja Gilly
  • Carlos Juiz
Keywords: Fog computing, Migration, Modelling, Networking


Fog Computing is created to efficiently store and access data without the limitations challenging Cloud Computing deployments, such as network latency or bandwidth constraints. This is achieved by performing most of the processing on servers located as close as possible to where data is being collected. When mobile devices are equipped with limited resources and small capabilities, it would be convenient to make their associated computing and network resources follow them as much as possible. In this paper, migration process is studied and an algorithmic model is designed, selecting a generic Fat Tree architecture as the underlying topology, which may be useful to get a list of all devices being traversed through each of the redundant paths available.

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Roig, P. J., Alcaraz, S., Gilly, K., & Juiz, C. (2019). Modelling VM Migration in a Fog Computing Environment. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 25(5), 75-81.