Research on Ground of Penetrating Radar in the Coal Mine Detecting: A Case Study of Application in Huaibei Coal Mine

  • Yongsheng Ma
  • Jinsong Shen
  • Benyu Su
  • Yanyan Ma
  • Qilong Sun
Keywords: Ground penetrating radar, Numerical simulation, Coal mine, Mine safety


Although many geophysical techniques have been used to detect the disaster geological anomalous body in the Huaibei coal mine company, there are still many mining disasters happening. The main reason is that the coal seam is rich of water in Huaibei coal areas. If the ground water connects with tunnels, it will cause the flood to collapse the coal seam. However, these dangerous geological bodies usually are very hided from the viewpoint of traditional electromagnetic and seismic methods. Due to the great difference of permittivity between the water-bearing rock and the surrounding rock, the high frequency electromagnetic wave can be received by a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to detect the water-bearing rocks. Hence, we try to employ the high frequency electromagnetic wave to detect the water-bearing rock, which frequently results in a coal mining disaster. Firstly, the numerical simulations based on the theory research and its` effectivity analysis are done. Then, the method is used for the coal mine of Huaibei Company. Finally, the comparison between the detected results and the geological drilling information indicates the detection effectiveness of the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) in the coal mine tunnel.


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