Blocking Characteristics of Photoconductive Switches Based on Semi-Insulating GaP and GaN

  • Marek Suproniuk
  • Karol Piwowarski
  • Bogdan Perka
  • Pawel Kaminski
  • Roman Kozlowski
  • Marian Teodorczyk
Keywords: Photoconductive semiconductor switches, Pulse generators, Semi-insulating GaN, Semi-insulating GaP


This article presents results of research work aimed at manufacturing photoconductive semiconductor switches (PCSSs) based on semi-insulating (SI) gallium phosphide (GaP) and gallium nitride (GaN). Currently, the work is in progress to determine the optimal values of PCSS parameters. In this article, the parameters of the selected semiconductor materials used for making PCSSs, the device operation principle, and possible areas of use are presented. The paper demonstrates the construction of test PCSSs based on SI GaP and SI GaN and results of blocking characteristics measurements without the illumination, as well as with illumination with a small photon flux. Further research directions are presented also.