Improving Efficiency of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using Matrix Converters

  • Branislav Dobrucky
  • Slavomir Kascak
  • Michal Prazenica
  • Miriam Jarabicova


The paper deals with a novel enhanced connection of AC/AC powertrain for HEV hybrid vehicles. The substantial contribution of such a connection is the absence of 4QC auxiliary converter needed for autonomous and hybrid operational modes and its compensation by power-lesser 0×5 matrix converter. The main advantages of a simplified connection are beside smaller auxiliary converter sizing and possible better efficiency of the HEV powertrain. So, powertrain operation in autonomous traction accu-battery modes uses direct 0×5 configuration of traction 3×5 MxC matrix converter and in hybrid modes of ICE engine and accu-battery, besides traction 3×5 MxC matrix converter, uses the auxiliary 0×5 matrix converter. Modeling and simulation using Matlab-Simulink environment of traction powertrain configuration in autonomous modes are presented in the paper, as well as all simulation experiment results.


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