Rotary Wireless Inductive Transmitter Powered by ZVS Resonant Convertor

  • Dimitar D. Arnaudov
  • Nikolay D. Madzharov
  • Nikolay L. Hinov
Keywords: Inductive power transmission, Resonant inverter, Soft switching, Power conversion


In this work, an inductive wireless power transfer module powered by resonant converter is studied. The system consists of a zero voltage switching resonant converter and a rotary wireless power transmitter. The design of the rotary wireless power transmitter is presented. Simulation and experimental studies of the system confirm reliable operation of the power electronic converter with a wide range of loads. The zero voltage switching is maintained without significant adjustments in the switching frequency. This improves the system stability with variations in the air gap between transmitting and receiving modules or the magnetic coupling ratio. The studied system is suitable for powering loads placed on a rotating platform or other applications where the disadvantages of moving electrical contacts are undesirable.

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Arnaudov, D. D., Madzharov, N. D., & Hinov, N. L. (2019). Rotary Wireless Inductive Transmitter Powered by ZVS Resonant Convertor. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 25(4), 17-22.

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