A Novel Concept of Electrical Stimulation of Touchscreens Used for Automated Verification of Mobile Devices

  • Ivan Kastelan
  • Vukota Pekovic
  • Nikola Teslic
Keywords: Touchscreen stimulation, System verification, Tablet computers, Functional verification.


As the complexity and abundance of consumer electronic devices rises with the fast pace, efficient and reliable methods of their verification on the production line are extensively researched. This paper presents a novel concept of electrical stimulation of touchscreens which aims to fully automate the verification of devices with touchscreens on the final production line. Without mechanical moving parts, this approach is based on a stimulation board which constantly touches the entire screen and produces the required touches on the desired screen coordinates while being controlled by electric means only. Experiments were performed to choose the optimal material for the touch surfaces and determine the optimal size and separaton of the touch surfaces. Furthermore, the system for automated verification of touchscreen-based devices based on the proposed concept is described. The system supports single and multiple touches, line movements and multiple line movements. The system achieved more than 99 % reliability in producing controlled touches on screens up to a size of a tablet.

DOI: 10.5755/j01.eie.25.2.23204