Stability Analysis of Multi-Inverters Grid-Connected System Using Improved Current Source Impedance Ratio Criterion

  • Hu Guozhen
  • Mao Ling
  • Liu Jun
  • Zhang Lei
  • Fang Zhi Jian
Keywords: Multi-inverters, Grid-connected, Impedance criterion, Stability analysis.


Stability analysis of multi-inverters grid-connected system in electric vehicles power station is presented in this paper. An equivalent circuit model of the multi-inverters grid-connected system is built based on electrical network theory. Then an improved current source impedance criterion is proposed to analyse the stability of the system which is mainly related to the number of grid connected inverters, grid impedance and output impedance of the inverters. Finally, simulation results are given to verify the effectiveness of the multi-inverters model and the improved current source impedance criterion.

DOI: 10.5755/j01.eie.25.2.23198