Study on Transient Electromagnetic Response of High Resistivity Goafs and Its Application

  • Maofei Li
  • Shucai Liu
  • Benyu Su
  • Yongsheng Ma
  • Qilong Sun
Keywords: Transient electromagnetic method, Time-Depth conversion, High resistance goafs, Physical modelling.


Based on the characteristics of mine goafs, the geo-electrical models are established. In order to study the response characteristics of goaf by transient electromagnetic method, we have performed three-dimensional numerical simulations in three cases, geo-electrical model of mine geology without goaf, geo-electrical model of mine geology with low resistivity goaf and geo-electrical model of mine geology with high resistivity goaf. Moreover, the physical experiments have also been performed for the above three cases. Furthermore, we compare numeral simulation results and physical experiment results. Finally, we obtain the conclusion that although the response of high resistivity goafs is weaker than that of low resistivity, its response characters still can indicate the existing of goaf. Hence, above work actually signifies that shallow high resistivity goafs can be detected in a reliable way by transient electromagnetic method.

DOI: 10.5755/j01.eie.25.1.22733