Methods for Extension of Tunability Range in Synthetic Inductance Simulators

  • Roman Sotner Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • Jan Jerabek
  • Norbert Herencsar
  • Lukas Langhammer
  • Jiri Petrzela
  • Tomas Dostal
Keywords: Adjustability extension, Constant phase element, Diamond transistor, Electronic control, Fractional-order inductance simulator, Integer-order inductance simulator, Tunability extension, Voltage-mode multiplier.


Presented work focuses on methods for the extended electronic control in the designs of inductance simulators based on single-loop feedback topology. Implementation is based on diamond transistors as voltage-to-current converters and two voltage-mode multipliers connected to different positions in topology (providing amplification or control of equivalent resistance). Presented solutions achieve significantly extended adjustability of equivalent inductance value in comparison to standard approaches based on CMOS differential pair-based operational transconductances amplifiers. Proposed designs of synthetic inductors are based on utilization of integer-order as well as fractional-order (constant phase element) capacitor. Their features are verified both via PSpice simulations and experimental measurements. Results confirmed intended purposes of designs implementing discussed methods.