Analysis and Control of Fault Ride Through Capability Improvement PMSG Based on WECS Using Active Crowbar System During Different Fault Conditions

  • Altan Gencer
Keywords: Permanent magnet synchronous generator, Fault-ride through capability, Active crowbar, Wind energy conversion system.


Recently, as wind energy has increased considerably in the electric power generation system, the wind turbines must maintain connected to the grid and improve the system stability during and after the grid faults. The enhancement of fault-ride through (FRT) capability of permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) based on wind energy conversion system (WECS) is a vital issue. An active crowbar protection system in this paper is proposed to the improvement of FRT capability and the enhancement of the power quality of PMSG based on WECS system during and after the grid faults. The active crowbar in this paper is designed from a series resistor with an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) switch, unlike the passive crowbar, which has only one resistor. The active crowbar protects the power converters from the damaging effects of overcurrent during grid fault. The main aims of the active crowbar system are reduction of the amplitude of stator fault voltages, remains constant DC link voltage, general enhancement in all response of the PMSG, minimizing in the trigger time of the active crowbar. These aims are achieved with the introduction of the active crowbar between the machine side converter (MSC) and PMSG. The proposed protection system implemented a 1.5MVA PMSG based on WECS during different grid faults conditions using MATLAB/Simulation. The proposed protection system is compared with without protection system during different faults conditions and the validity of the proposed protection system is verified by simulation results.