Planar Inductor for Biological Experimentation in Pulsed Magnetic Fields

Audrius Lucinskis, Audrius Grainys, Sebastjanas Kurcevskis, Sonata Tolvaisiene, Tomas Ustinavicius, Ricardas Masiulionis, Paulius Butkus


In this paper we present the novel design of the multilayer planar inductor for biological experimentation in pulsed magnetic fields. The presented planar inductor, together with developed high voltage generator, is capable to deliver 1T homogeneous magnetic fields in the volume of 17 µl with pulse repetition frequency up to 10 kHz. The finite element methods were applied to evaluate the magnetic field distribution and heat dissipation of proposed multilayer planar inductor under aluminium dioxide Al2O3 substrate. The computed and experimental results are presented as well.



Planar inductor; Pulse power; Pulse magnetic field; Finite element method; Biological cell.

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Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731