An Adaptive-Fuzzy Fractional-Order Sliding Mode Controller Design for an Unmanned Vehicle

Kamil Orman, Kaan Can, Abdullah Basci, Adnan Derdiyok


In this paper, speed and direction angle of a four wheel skid-steered mobile robot (4 WD SSMR) has been controlled via adaptive-fuzzy fractional-order sliding mode controller (AFFOSMC) under different speed and angle reference signals. The hybrid control method is designed to combine all advantages that controllers have such as flexibility realized by fractional order calculation, robustness to disturbances and parameters variations provided by sliding mode controller (SMC) as well as adaptation of G constant of SMC via fuzzy controller, simultaneously. Also, a fractional-order SMC is applied to the system for the same reference speed and angle references to show the effects of the changes and adaptation of G constant. Experimental results show that the AFFOSMC has better trajectory tracking performance than the FOSMC.



Adaptive control; Fuzzy control; Sliding mode control; Fractional-order calculation; UGV.

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Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731