Properties of State Estimation for Power System with Quadrature Booster in Rectangular Coordinates

  • Tomasz Okon Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • Kazimierz Wilkosz
Keywords: Phase shifter, State estimation, Power system.


The paper presents a state estimation of a power system with a phase shifter. A new versatile model of the phase shifter for steady state analyses is introduced. The mentioned model allows for consideration of different types of phase shifters. In the paper, original investigations of properties of the state estimation for a power system with a quadrature booster (to be one of types of phase shifters) are performed. The state estimation is considered in the rectangular coordinate system. During the investigations, impact of data redundancy on such parameters of the state estimation as: the number of iterations, a condition number of a coefficient matrix, parameters characterizing accuracy of calculation results are taken into account. At the end of the paper, conclusions from the conducted investigations are presented.