Investigation of Roughness by Ultrasonic Surface Waves

  • S. Sajauskas
  • V. Minialga
  • N. Sajauskas


The interaction between acoustic waves and the surface is especially important for ultrasonic testing by surface waves. Theoretical models that keep that the surface is perfectly flat and that Rayleigh wave propagates along the free surface unfortunately are far away from reality. Real surface waves die away and attenuation coefficient depends not only on frequency but also on mechanical properties of the surface. The spectral investigations of attenuation of ultrasonic surface waves in propagation in real materials are presented. The methods to reduce attenuation and to obtain information about mechanical properties of surface are investigated.
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Sajauskas, S., Minialga, V., & Sajauskas, N. (2000). Investigation of Roughness by Ultrasonic Surface Waves. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 27(4). Retrieved from