Valve Linear Electric Drives

  • A. J. Poška


In the paper there is based an idea of investigating of linear electric motors and drives by methods of system engineering. There is presented the structure of investigation stages, analysed aspects of working out the new systems. It is proved that linear electric motors and drives must be investigated as class because the every linear motor is carried out for proper servomechanism and it is not necessary to carry out wide gammas of that. Method of investigation of a class of linear electric motors is illustrated by example of researching of influence of edge effect on the linear electric drives with different combination of parameters. There is presented the methodics to calculate the characteristics of linear valve drive. There are discussed the problems of working out and application of linear electric drives as well as electronic sensors. There are considered the problems of application of linear electric drives for electric catapult, pneumotransport, flexible system of treatment of fur, system for control of high-voltage circuit-breaker, automatic system of search and shunting of faulted phase and automatic system of dust explosions localisation.
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