Microprocessor-Based Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Investigations of Two-Phase Flows

  • D. Jucius Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • B. P. Milius


Block diagram of a microprocessor-based ultrasonic flowmeter working at 0.5…2.4 MHz is presented. Working principle is described. Influence of an acoustic noises on the flowmeter is small and this device may be used for the monitoring of gas-liquid bubbly flows having a large attenuation of acoustic waves. Laboratory tests of the device have showed measurements may be carried out if gas volume fraction is up to 1.1...1.4% in the pipe of 0.1 m internal diameter. For the flow having velocity of 0.2...5.5 m/s error of flowmetering do not exceed ±2%. Because of the possibility to correct some physical values and coefficients using during the calculations this flowmeter may be useful for a laboratory investigations of two-phase flows.