Analysis and Applicability of Heffron–Phillips Model

Jozef Ritonja, Martin Petrun, Jernej Cernelic, Robert Brezovnik, Bostjan Polajzer


In this paper, a non-linear 7th order dynamic model and a linearized 3rd order dynamic model of a synchronous generator connected to an infinite bus are presented and compared in details. Parameters and equations of the both models are explained and summarized. They represent a useful starting point for work in areas of synchronous generators’ construction, analysis, control systems design and synthesis.

Novelty of this work represents a detailed research of applicability of the linearized model in an entire operating range. Established theoretical conclusions were confirmed with numerical results. Restrictions of utilizing the linearized model are presented. On a basis of the analysis for the synchronous generators of different power, their applicability with feasibility and accuracy was evaluated by certain objective criteria.



Heffron-Phillips model; numerical analysis; power system dynamics; synchronous generators

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Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731