Creating of Intelligent E-Health Care Environment for Socially Isolated and Aging People

  • A. A. Bielskis University of Klaipėda
  • V. Denisovas University of Klaipėda
  • O. Ramašauskas University of Klaipėda


An approach of creating of intelligent e-health care environment by describing project of development of VIHforSIAP is proposed. The main project oriented for assessment of selected elements some of those should be the most appropriate to create a Virtual Intelligent House (VIH) for Socially Isolated and Aging People (SIAP). Project contributes towards impacts listed in the work of Seventh Framework Programme of European Union in relation to the topics of ICT for independent living and inclusion and Accessible and Inclusive ICT (Challenge 3.7, ICT-2007.7.2). This paper describes the strategy of ICT addressed for independent living and inclusion for the aged population and people with high rate of incapacity. Thus, proposed here ICTs application of the aged population probably increases her quality of life and significant prolongs intense independent life with participation in the economics and society. Ill.1, bibl. 9 (in English; summaries in English, Russian and Lithuanian).