Methodology of Defining Technical Abilities for Providing ADSL Services

A. Ukvalbergas, A. Vobolis


With a help of ADSL technology data can be transmitted over two-wire telephone lines do not interrupting fixed telephone linevoice services. Data transmission speed depends from telephone line parameters. Before providing ADSL services telephone line shouldbe primarily tested for its technical abilities. If primary tests are insufficient telephone line can be detail tested for its technical abilities.After detailed tests al.l parameters that effects data transmission speed like line length, attenuation, noise and etc are defined. If ADSLservice can’t be provided for lines specific parameters like for example attenuation, tests are performed for other line from the samesubstation, if line length is too big we must activate line from different substation. Ill.8, bibl. 4 (in Lithuanian, summaries in Lithuanian,English, Russian).

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