Research of Electrodynamical Processes in Vacuum Evaporation System

  • V. Sinkevičius KTU Panevezys Institute
  • D. Viržonis KTU Panevezys Institute
  • L. Šumskienė KTU Panevezys Institute
  • T. Jukna KTU Panevezys Institute


It was explored, that it was possible to get the information about the condensation processes evaporating the materials in the vacuum evaporating system. The method of the thermo electro moving force supply and its inner resistance calculation was created for that. Two extra probes for the temperature analysis and two another extra probes for the research of the thermionic emission supply were placed in vacuum camera for the experiments. It was estimated, that it was necessary to choose the place of the probes without the influence to each other. It was explored, that the density of the thermionic emission current could be measured only at the moments, when the current didn’t flow through the evaporator. Ill. 9, bibl. 4 (in English; summaries in English, Russian and Lithuanian).

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Sinkevičius, V., Viržonis, D., Šumskienė, L., & Jukna, T. (2007). Research of Electrodynamical Processes in Vacuum Evaporation System. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 76(4), 75-78. Retrieved from