The Influence of Phase Shift of Interference on Signal Propagation along the Optical Fiber

  • P. Spalevic University of Nis
  • L. Spalevic University of Kosovska Mitrovica
  • B. Milosevic High Technical School
  • I. Petrovic High School of Electrical Enginnering


If signal propagates along optical communication system at high data rate and for long distance, influence of nonlinear effects on signal propagation should be taken into consideration. Nonlinear effects are desirable, if system works under anomalous dispersion regime, because they decrease negative influence of dispersive effects. Interference could appear at any point along the fiber. We compared the cases of crosstalk appearing at the fiber input and at the different points along the fiber. The influence of phase shift of interference on propagation of Gaussian signal along dispersive and nonlinear-dispersive optical fiber, as well as on peak power that is a function of fiber distance, for two cases of phase shifting and for SIR (signal–to-interference ratio) = 10 dB, is considered, too. Ill. 5, bibl. 8 (in English; summaries in English, Russian and Lithuanian).