Vol 91, No 3 (2009)

Table of Contents


Electronic Payment Systems for Communications Services PDF
P. Balaišis, D. Eidukas, L. Gočelkienė 3-8
On the Enrichment of Static Functional Test PDF
E. Bareiša, V. Jusas, K. Motiejūnas, R. Šeinauskas 9-14
Investigation of Foreign Languages Models for Lithuanian Speech Recognition PDF
R. Maskeliūnas, A. Rudžionis, K. Ratkevičius, V. Rudžionis 15-20
Capacitive Transducers in Granulometry PDF
V. Augutis, V. Stadalius 21-26
Modeling and Investigation of Active Noise Control System PDF
A. Dumčius, A. Bartušis 27-30
Blind Separation of Noisy Pseudoperiodic Chaotic Signals PDF
K. Pukėnas 31-34
Blur Resistant Image Authentication Method with Pixel-wise Tamper Localization PDF
R. Baušys, A. Kriukovas 35-38


Application of Apparatus for Magneto Therapy in Stomatology and Computer Treatment of X-ray Images before and after Therapy PDF
D. Tz. Dimitrov, V. M. Georgieva 39-42
Calculation of the Hankel Matrix Ranks of Electric and Haemodynamic Processes in the Heart PDF
G. Kersulyte, Z. Navickas, A. Vainoras, L. Gargasas 43-48
QT Dispersion and Sleep related Breathing Disorders in Recipients of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator PDF
I. Blužaitė, D. Altmann, H. Rickli, P. Ammann, E. Ullmer, Z. Bertašienė 49-52
Optimal Combinations of Color Space Components for Detection of Blood Vessels in Eye Fundus Images PDF
M. Patašius, V. Marozas, D. Jegelevičius, A. Lukoševičius 53-56
Investigation of the Possibility of Eye Orbit Tissue Pathology Classification PDF
A. Kopustinskas, M. Žakauskas, D. Imbrasienė 57-60
An Approach of Creating of an Intelligent Mobile Tutoring Eco-social Laboratory for Assisted Recreation PDF
A. Andziulis, A. A. Bielskis, V. Denisovas, O. Ramašauskas, J. Bielskienė, P. Bielskis, E. Guseinovienė 61-66


Magnetic Circuit of Nanometric Screw PDF
R. Bansevicius, V. Grigaliunas, J. A. Virbalis 67-70
Operation Principles and Control Strategies of Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Active Power Filter PDF
Yang Han, Lin Xu, Gang Yao, Li-Dan Zhou, Mansoor, Chen Chen 71-76
An Efficient Solution of the Step-down Converter for Students Teaching PDF
M. Raţă, G. Raţă, D. Milici, I. Graur 77-80
Calculation of the Braking Force Transitional Processes for Linear Induction Motor PDF
B. Karaliūnas, E. Matkevičius 81-84
Elimination of the Negative Effect of Earth Fault Current Higher Frequency on Tripping of Residual Current Devices PDF
S. Czapp 85-88
The Influence of Magnetic Shielding on Selectivity of a Hall Sensor based Protection PDF
B. Miedzinski, W. Dzierzanowski, M. Habrych, Z. Okraszewski 89-92


An Efficient Object Tracking Algorithm based on Dynamic Particle Filter PDF
V. Raudonis, R. Simutis, A. Paulauskaitė–Tarasevičienė 93-98
A Stereovision System for 3-D Perception PDF
A. Lipnickas, A. Knyš 99-102
Lightning Discharge Parameters in Building Lightning Protection Calculations PDF
N. Bagdanavičius, A. Drabatiukas, Š. Kilius 103-106
Ensuring the Efficiency of the Hazardous Biotronics Technologies PDF
R. Gužauskas, N. Dubauskienė, D. Navikas, A. Valinevičius 107-112

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731