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Vol 122, No 6 (2012) Impact of Video Content and Technical Specifications on Subjective Quality Assessment Abstract   PDF
R. Pauliks, I. Slaidins
Vol 108, No 2 (2011) Impact of Wireless Channel Parameters on Quality of Video Streaming Abstract   PDF
S. Paulikas, P. Sargautis, V. Banevicius
Vol 118, No 2 (2012) Implementation Analysis of Matrix Power Cipher in Embedded Systems Abstract   PDF
K. Luksys, E. Sakalauskas, A. Venckauskas
Vol 19, No 8 (2013) Implementation of a Memcapacitor Emulator with Off-the-Shelf Devices Abstract   PDF
M. P. Sah, C. Yang, R. K. Budhathoki, H. Kim, H. J. Yoo
Vol 20, No 10 (2014) Implementation of a New Contactless Piezoelectric Wind Energy Harvester to a Wireless Weather Station Abstract   PDF
Y. Uzun, S. Demirbas, E. Kurt
Vol 19, No 3 (2013) Implementation of a Smart Grid Inverter through Embedded Systems Abstract   PDF
I. M. Moreno-Garcia, A. Moreno-Munoz, F. Domingo-Perez, V. Pallares-Lopez, R. Real-Calvo, I. Santiago-Chiquero
Vol 21, No 4 (2015) Implementation of Duplicate TRNG on FPGA by Using Two Different Randomness Source Abstract   PDF
Taner Tuncer
Vol 113, No 7 (2011) Implementation of Full-Featured PID Regulator in Microcontrollers Abstract   PDF
O. Krejcar, I. Spicka, R. Frischer
Vol 120, No 4 (2012) Implementation of Sense Amplifier in 0.18-µm CMOS Process Abstract   PDF
L. F. Rahman, M. B. I. Reaz, M. A. M. Ali, M. Marufuzzaman
Vol 71, No 7 (2006) Implementation of the Control Algorithm of the Variable Structure Controller in the Electromechanical Servo System Abstract   PDF
N. Šulčius, V. A. Geleževičius
Vol 19, No 10 (2013) Implementing a Trust and Reputation Model for Robotic Sensor Networks Abstract   PDF
G. Tuna, S. M. Potirakis, G. Koulouras
Vol 25, No 1 (2019) Implementing BPL Transmission in MV Cable Network Effectively Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz Debita, Marcin Habrych, Andrzej Tomczyk, Bogdan Miedzinski, Jan Wandzio
Vol 22, No 3 (2016) Improved C5D Electronic Realization of Conductivity Detector for Capillary Electrophoresis Abstract   PDF
Martin Jaanus, Andres Udal, Vello Kukk, Kadri Umbleja, Jelena Gorbatsova, Lauri Molder
Vol 23, No 3 (2017) Improved Composite Q-Function Approximation and its Application in ASEP of Digital Modulations over Fading Channels Abstract   PDF
Aleksandar Markovic, Zoran Peric, Stefan Panic, Petar Spalevic, Zoran Todorovic
Vol 23, No 3 (2017) Improved Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Nonconvex Hydrothermal Scheduling with Volume Constraint Abstract   PDF
Thang Trung Nguyen, Dieu Ngoc Vo, Tomas Deveikis, Arnolda Rozanskiene
Vol 24, No 3 (2018) Improved Degraded Document Image Binarization Using Median Filter for Background Estimation Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Khitas, Lahcene Ziet, Saad Bouguezel
Vol 19, No 1 (2013) Improved Fractional Channel Estimation for MIMO Systems in the Low SNR Regime Abstract   PDF
Simranjit Singh, Rajesh Khanna, Manjeet Singh Patterh
Vol 19, No 7 (2013) Improved Genetic Algorithm for the Bandwidth Maximization in TDMA-based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Abstract   PDF
A. Sirbu, G. Breabăn, I. Cleju, I. Bogdan
Vol 20, No 2 (2014) Improved Optimal Controller Designs for All Pole Systems and Standard Forms with One/Two Variable Zeroes Abstract   PDF
Y. Sari, R. Koker, A. F. Boz
Vol 22, No 6 (2016) Improved Power Supply Performance of Vibratory Conveyor Drives Abstract   PDF
Vladimir Sinik, Zeljko Despotovic, Ivan Palinkas
Vol 20, No 9 (2014) Improved Vehicle Detection Algorithm in Heavy Traffic for Intelligent Vehicle Abstract   PDF
Chung-Hee Lee, Young-Chul Lim, Dongyoung Kim, Kyu-Ik Sohng
Vol 87, No 7 (2008) Improvement in Design of Hi-Lo Impedance Microstrip Low-pass Filter Abstract   PDF
K. R. Jha, M. Rai
Vol 103, No 7 (2010) Improvement of AC-based Electrical Capacitance Tomography Hardware Abstract   PDF
D. Styra, L. Babout
Vol 24, No 1 (2000) Improvement of Aluminium Thin Film Quality of TV Tubes Abstract
R. Anilionis, G. Kondrotas
Vol 22, No 3 (2016) Improvement of DWT-SVD with Curve Fitting and Robust Regression: An Application to Astronomy Images Abstract   PDF
Talha Karadeniz, Ersin Elbasi
Vol 118, No 2 (2012) Improvement of Power Factor. Technoeconomical Application in a Case Study at the Industrial Area of Kavala Abstract   PDF
P. Adoniadis, N. Vordos, D. V. Bandekas, A. Ioannou
Vol 113, No 7 (2011) Improvement of WMS Functionality, Aiming to Minimize Processing Time of Jobs in Grid Computing Abstract   PDF
V. Pilkauskas, R. Plestys, G. Vilutis, D. Sandonavicius
Vol 21, No 2 (2015) Improving Control Dynamics of PMSM Drive by Estimating Zero-Delay Current Value Abstract   PDF
Leszek Jarzebowicz, Artur Opalinski, Maciej Cisek
Vol 20, No 7 (2014) Improving Intrusion Detection with Adaptive Support Vector Machines Abstract   PDF
N. Macek, B. Dordevic, V. Timcenko, M. Bojovic, M. Milosavljevic
Vol 23, No 1 (2017) Improving Power Quality with the Use of a New Method of Serial Active Power Filter (SAPF) Control Abstract   PDF
Roman Hrbac, Tomas Mlcak, Vaclav Kolar
Vol 19, No 7 (2013) Improving Power-Conversion Efficiency via a Hybrid MPPT Approach for Photovoltaic Systems Abstract   PDF
J. Ma, K. L. Man, N. Zhang, S. U. Guan, P. W.H. Wong, E. G. Lim, T. Krilavicius, J. Kapociute-Dzikiene, C. U. Lei
Vol 19, No 6 (2013) Improving Quality of Business Models using Business Vocabulary based Synchronization Method Abstract   PDF
L. Tutkute, R. Butleris, V. Uzdanaviciūte, Edvinas Sinkevicius, T. Skersys, K. Kapocius
Vol 19, No 7 (2013) Improving Quality of Regulation of a Nonlinear MIMO Dynamic Plant Abstract   PDF
P. Dworak, M. Brasel
Vol 19, No 5 (2013) Improving TCP Performance in IEEE 802.11 Networks Abstract   PDF
A. Statkus, S. Paulikas
Vol 73, No 1 (2007) Improving the Performance of Program Package for 3D Simulation of Low Frequency Magnetic Field in Medical Therapy Abstract   PDF
D. Tz. Dimitrov
Vol 20, No 8 (2014) Impulse Noise Considerations Related to Data Transmission over High-voltage Lines Abstract   PDF
J. Krejci, T. Zeman, J. Hrad
Vol 16, No 3 (1998) Impulsinis magnetinio lauko šaltinis Abstract
L. Laurinavičius, J. Novickij
Vol 20, No 9 (2014) In Silico Testing of the Semi-Closed Loop Infusion System with a New Simulator Abstract   PDF
V. Markevicius, A. Andrijauskas, D. Navikas, N. Dubauskiene, N. Porvaneckas, E. Stankevicius, V. Uvarovas, G. Gelzinis, M. Cepenas, D. Andriukaitis, R. Malekian
Vol 21, No 1 (2015) In Vivo Testing of the Semi-Closed Loop Infusion System: the Preliminary Observations Abstract   PDF
Audrius Andrijauskas, Vytautas Markevicius, Dangirutis Navikas, Narunas Porvaneckas, Darius Andriukaitis, Edgaras Stankevicius, Valentinas Uvarovas, Jurate Sipylaite, Giedrius Kvederas, Giedrius Gelzinis
Vol 104, No 8 (2010) Incorporating Sliding Mode and Fuzzy Controller with Bounded Torques for Set-Point Tracking of Robot Manipulators Abstract   PDF
S. E. Shafiei, S. Sepasi
Vol 21, No 4 (2015) Incorporation of Neural Network to HPMHT for Tracking Multiple Targets Abstract   PDF
Ilke Turkmen, Harun Celik
Vol 96, No 8 (2009) Increasing Efficiency of Power Supply System for Small Manufactures in Rural Regions using Renewable Energy Resources Abstract   PDF
N. Kunicina, A. Galkina, A. Zhiravecka, Y. Chaiko, L. Ribickis
Vol 102, No 6 (2010) Increasing the Attractiveness of Engineering Education in the Area of Electronic Communications Abstract   PDF
J. Hrad, T. Zeman
Vol 21, No 1 (2015) Increasing the Data Transmission Robustness in Wsn Using the Modified Error Correction Codes on Residue Number System Abstract   PDF
Anatoliy Sachenko, Hu Zhengbing, Vasyl Yatskiv
Vol 53, No 4 (2004) Increasing the Observability of the Thin Films Manufacturing Process Abstract   PDF
D. Viržonis, V. Sinkevičius
Vol 20, No 5 (2014) Incremental Approach to Structurally Difficult Problems in Genetic Programming Abstract   PDF
M. Sprogar, V. Podgorelec
Vol 20, No 7 (2014) Indirect Measurement of Motor Current Derivatives in PMSM Sensorless Drives Abstract   PDF
L. Jarzebowicz
Vol 60, No 4 (2005) Individual Quality of Service Concept in Next Generations Telecommunications Networks Abstract   PDF
A. Kajackas, A. Anskaitis, D. Guršnys
Vol 23, No 4 (2017) Indoor Channel Modelling for SISO and Massive SIMO in the 60 GHz mm-Wave Band Abstract   PDF
Baris Yuksekkaya
Vol 12, No 3 (1997) Inductance - Capacitance Charger of Polarization Abstract
I.K. Bondarenko, O.I. Agaphontseva, A.I. Boyko
Vol 109, No 3 (2011) Induction Motor Voltage Amplitude Control Technique based on the Motor Efficiency Observation Abstract   PDF
V. Bleizgys, A. Baskys, T. Lipinskis
Vol 56, No 7 (2004) Inductors for High Magnetic Field Generation Abstract   PDF
J. Novickij, R. Kačianauskas, V. Filipavičius, S. Balevičius, N. Žurauskienė, R. Tolutis
Vol 94, No 6 (2009) Inertia (slowness) of Zero Order Components Filter Abstract   PDF
U. Jakšić, N. Marković, S. Bjelić
Vol 20, No 5 (2014) Influence of 3D Scanning Data Scattering to Volume Measurement of Horizontal Fuel Tanks Abstract   PDF
V. Knyva, M. Knyva
Vol 93, No 5 (2009) Influence of Chromatic Ambient Light over Colour Luminance Contrast on Projection Screen Abstract   PDF
S. Masiokas, M. Kriuglaitė
Vol 103, No 7 (2010) Influence of Colour Difference over Visibility in Multimedia Projection Abstract   PDF
S. Masiokas, M. Kriuglaitė
Vol 59, No 3 (2005) Influence of Deep Breathing on Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease Abstract   PDF
M. Tamošiūnaitė, G. Urbonavičienė, A. Vainoras, G. Gargasas, S. Kaminskienė, I. Blužaitė, H. Rickli
Vol 95, No 7 (2009) Influence of Electromagnetic Fields by Electronic Implants in Medicine Abstract   PDF
Z. Psenakova, J. Hudecova
Vol 20, No 2 (2014) Influence of Emitted Electrons on the Method for Direct Measurement of Condensate Resistance Abstract   PDF
T. Jukna, V. Sinkevicius, L. Urbanaviciute
Vol 92, No 4 (2009) Influence of External Electromagnetic Disturbance on the Optical Fiber Properties in WDM Systems Abstract   PDF
J. Porins, G. Ivanovs, O. Dzerins
Vol 10, No 1 (1997) Influence of Impurities on Structure and Electrical Properties of Copper Coatings Abstract
A. Meskauskas, R. Brucas, J. Dudonis
Vol 21, No 3 (1999) Influence of Initial GaAs Surface Preparation on Electrical Characteristics Selenium Passivated GaAs Schottky Contact Abstract
S. Meskinis, K. Slapikas, R. Gudaitis, J. Margelevicius
Vol 17, No 4 (1998) Influence of irradiation by low energy hydrocarbon ion beam on electrical characteristics of GaAs Schottky contact Abstract
S. Meskinis, J. Margelevicius, R. Gudaitis, D. Mickiene, A. Gudonyte
Vol 19, No 4 (2013) Influence of Lightning Current Waveshape on the Separation Distance Required between Electrical Equipment and Lightning Protection System Abstract   PDF
R. Markowska
Vol 23, No 2 (2017) Influence of Magnet and Flux-Barrier Arrange-ment on Flux Control Characteristics of Hybrid Excited ECPMS-Machine Abstract   PDF
Piotr Paplicki
Vol 23, No 1 (2017) Influence of Magnet Material Selection on the Design of Slow-Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators for Wind Applications Abstract   PDF
Ants Kallaste, Toomas Vaimann, Anouar Belahcen
Vol 29, No 6 (2000) Influence of Magnetic Admixtures over Information Signal of Electromagnetic Flowmeter Abstract
J. A. Virbalis
Vol 19, No 4 (2013) Influence of Matrix Type on Negative Capacitance Effect in Nanogranular Composite Films FeCoZr-Insulator Abstract   PDF
T. N. Koltunowicz, P. Zhukowski, A. K. Fedotov, A. V. Larkin, A. Patryn, B. Andryevskyy, A. Saad, J. A. Fedotova, V. V. Fedotova
Vol 76, No 4 (2007) Influence of Nonlinear Optical Effects on the NRZ and RZ Modulation Signals in WDM Systems Abstract   PDF
V. Bobrovs, J. Porins, G. Ivanovs
Vol 116, No 10 (2011) Influence of Non-Magnetic Admixtures to the Signal of Electromagnetic Flow Meter Abstract   PDF
V. Pakenas, J. A. Virbalis
Vol 18, No 10 (2012) Influence of Psychological Stress on Formant Structure of Vowels Abstract   PDF
M. Sigmund
Vol 66, No 2 (2006) Influence of Selected Parameters of Overvoltages on Hazard of Insulating Systems in MV Power Lines Abstract   PDF
Z. Gacek, W. Skomudek
Vol 23, No 1 (2017) Influence of Skewed Squirrel Cage Rotor with Intermediate Ring on Magnetic Field of Air Gap in Induction Machine Abstract   PDF
Zelmira Ferkova, Vladimir Kindl
Vol 23, No 5 (1999) Influence of Step Irregularity on Characteristics of the Microstrip Meander Retard Systems Abstract
R. Martavicius, V. Urbanavicius
Vol 17, No 4 (1998) Influence of stimulus colour and form over the identification time Abstract
A. Gutauskas, A. Bertulis
Vol 111, No 5 (2011) Influence of Supply Current to the Characteristics of Reactive Oscillating Motors Abstract   PDF
A. Brazaitis, E. Guseinoviene
Vol 26, No 3 (2000) Influence of Synchronization on Quality of Service (QoS) of the Packet Transmission Networks Abstract
G. Cincikas
Vol 102, No 6 (2010) Influence of Technologies on Quality of Distance Learning A. Targamadzė, Abstract   PDF
A. Targamadzė, R. Petrauskienė, D. Rubliauskas
Vol 47, No 5 (2003) Influence of Telecommunication and Informational Technologies Convergence to Public Development Abstract   PDF
V. Šalauskas
Vol 104, No 8 (2010) Influence of the Electric Reactor Magnetic Field on the Electromagnetic Relays Abstract   PDF
J. Morozionkov, J. A. Virbalis
Vol 92, No 4 (2009) Influence Of The Inverter Boost Voltage On The Transients Of Variable Speed Drive Abstract   PDF
R. Rinkevičienė, V. Batkauskas
Vol 123, No 7 (2012) Influence of the Number of Principal Components used to the Automatic Speaker Recognition Accuracy Abstract   PDF
I. Jokic, S. Jokic, M. Gnjatovic, V. Delic, Z. Peric
Vol 73, No 1 (2007) Influence of the Thermal EOS Deformations on the Modulation Characteristics Abstract   PDF
L. Jakučionis, V. Sinkevičius, L. Šumskienė
Vol 77, No 5 (2007) Influence of the Variability of Excitation Parameters on a Rhythm in Parasystole Mathematical Model and in Clinic Abstract   PDF
D. Eidukas, R. Labrencas, I. Grigaliūnienė, M. Skučas, R. Lekas
Vol 65, No 1 (2006) Influence of Two Cameras Positioning to 3D Reconstruction Abstract   PDF
A. Serackis, D. Navakauskas
Vol 18, No 8 (2012) Influence of Users behaviour to IPTV service Abstract   PDF
T. Adomkus, R. Bruzgiene, L. Narbutaite
Vol 20, No 9 (2014) Influence of Users’ Density on the Mean Base Station Output Power Abstract   PDF
M. Mileusnic, M. Popovic, A. Lebl, D. Mitic, Z. Markov
Vol 107, No 1 (2011) Informatical Model of the System of Automatic Breakdown Control in Energetic Systems Abstract   PDF
S. Bjelic, U. Jaksic, N. Markovic
Vol 102, No 6 (2010) Information and Control System of Traverse and its Integration into Cybernetic Centre Abstract   PDF
J. Liguš, I. Zolotová, P. Karch, J. Ligušová
Vol 64, No 8 (2005) Information Network Loading Evaluation Abstract   PDF
D. Eidukas, A. Valinevičius, G. Vilutis, Š. Kilius, T. Vasylius
Vol 64, No 8 (2005) Information Process Systemic Reservation Abstract   PDF
D. Šinickas
Vol 70, No 6 (2006) Information Transmission Availability in WDM Networks Abstract   PDF
R. Plėštys, A. Šiurkus
Vol 117, No 1 (2012) Infrared Beacons based Localization of Mobile Robot Abstract   PDF
J. Krejsa, S. Vechet
Vol 120, No 4 (2012) Infrared Image Enhancement and Segmentation for Extracting the Thermal Anomalies in Electrical Equipment Abstract   PDF
M. S. Jadin, S. Taib
Vol 97, No 1 (2010) Infrared Imaging System for Analysis of Blood Vessel Structure Abstract   PDF
R. Fuksis, M. Greitans, O. Nikisins, M. Pudzs
Vol 95, No 7 (2009) Initial Digital Filtering of Testing Signals of High-speed DAC Abstract   PDF
T. Ustinavičius, R. Kvedaras, V. Kvedaras, Z. Jankauskas
Vol 22, No 3 (2016) Initial Investigation into the Energy and Operational Parameters of LED Modules Abstract   PDF
Vytautas Dumbrava, Darijus Pagodinas, Irmantas Kupciunas
Vol 106, No 10 (2010) Innovative Method of Flow Profile Formation for Ultrasonic Flowmeters Abstract   PDF
P. Borodičas, A. Ragauskas, V. Petkus, A. Bagdonas, R. Šliteris
Vol 20, No 10 (2014) Innovative Two-path Data Transmission Scheme Proposal Abstract   PDF
P. Chlumsky, J. Vodrazka
Vol 114, No 8 (2011) In-Service Efficiency Estimation with the use Modified Air-Gap Torque Method for Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor Abstract   PDF
R. Figura, E. Szychta, L. Szychta
Vol 24, No 6 (2018) Inspection of Dissimilar Material Joints Using Ultrasonic Phased Arrays Abstract   PDF
Damira Smagulova, Elena Jasiuniene
Vol 116, No 10 (2011) Inspection System based on Computer Vision Abstract   PDF
M. Petkevicius, A. Vegys, T. Proscevicius, A. Lipnickas
Vol 81, No 1 (2008) Instability of Structure Plates under Two-directional Compression Abstract   PDF
A. Žiliukas
Vol 116, No 10 (2011) Integral Backstepping for Attitude Tracking of a Quadrotor System Abstract   PDF
M. Bouchoucha, S. Seghour, H. Osmani, M. Bouri
Vol 81, No 1 (2008) Integral Controller for the Plants with the Asymmetric Dynamics Abstract   PDF
V. Zlosnikas, A. Baskys
Vol 103, No 7 (2010) Integrated Front End Electronics Design for Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers Abstract   PDF
G. Vanagas, D. Viržonis, V. Paukštaitis, D. Baranauskas, S. Červiakov
Vol 20, No 7 (2014) Integrated Models of a Gas Metal ARC Welding Process and Inverter based Power Supply for Process Control Simulation Studies Abstract   PDF
M. Golob
Vol 102, No 6 (2010) Integrating Labs into Learning Environment Abstract   PDF
M. Jaanus, V. Kukk, K. Umbleja
Vol 110, No 4 (2011) Integration of Biosensors and Associated Electronics on Lab-on-Chip Devices Abstract   PDF
A. T. Giannitsis, T. Parve, M. Min
Vol 19, No 1 (2013) Integration of Ohman and Rule-based Coarticulation Models for Visualization of Pure Lithuanian Diphtongs Abstract   PDF
I. Mazonaviciute, R. Bausys, A. Kriukovas
Vol 60, No 4 (2005) Integration of the Managerial, Technological and Statistical Quality Control Methods Abstract   PDF
A. Vaišvila, E. Vaičikonis
Vol 3, No 3 (1995) Integrinių keitiklių komparatorių grandinių perdavimo funkcijų apskaičiavimas Abstract
A. Marcinkvičius
Vol 51, No 2 (2004) Integruotų elektroninių sistemų efektyvumo bruožai Abstract   PDF
P. Balaišis, D. Eidukas, P. Tervydis, N. Bagdanavičius
Vol 76, No 4 (2007) Intellectualisation of Biotronics Systems and their Efficiency Abstract   PDF
A. Valinevičius, E. Keras, P. Balaišis
Vol 120, No 4 (2012) Intelligent Control of Cooling-Heating Systems by Using Emotional Learning Abstract   PDF
A. Rezaee, M. Khalil Golpayegani
Vol 117, No 1 (2012) Intelligent Environmental Recognition Features of “Robosofa” Abstract   PDF
R. Maskeliunas, V. Raudonis, A. Bukis
Vol 23, No 2 (2017) Intelligent Lighting Control Providing Semi-Autonomous Assistance Abstract   PDF
Agne Paulauskaite-Taraseviciene, Aiste Stuliene, Egidijus Kazanavicius
Vol 98, No 2 (2010) Intelligent Optical Classification System for Electronic Components Abstract   PDF
D. Lefkaditis, G. Tsirigotis
Vol 56, No 7 (2004) Intelligent Transportation Systems Abstract   PDF
A. Marma, D. Eidukas, A. Valinevičius, M. Žilys
Vol 62, No 6 (2005) Intelligent Transportation Systems Efficiency Abstract   PDF
A. Marma, D. Eidukas, M. Žilys, A. Valinevičius
Vol 19, No 2 (2013) Intensification of Thermal Convection near Electric Devices using Flat Screens – Computer Modelling Abstract   PDF
S. Czapp, M. Czapp
Vol 122, No 6 (2012) Interaction Between Electromagnetic Field and Optical Signal Transmission in Fiber Optics Abstract   PDF
A. Supe, J. Porins
Vol 122, No 6 (2012) Interactive Digital Television and Voice Interaction: Experimental Evaluation and Subjective Perception by Elderly Abstract   PDF
V. Bures
Vol 71, No 7 (2006) Interactive Learning Tools for Electrical Engineering and Electronics Course Abstract   PDF
U. Antonovičs, Ē. Priednieks
Vol 98, No 2 (2010) Interactive Tasks as a Supplement to Educational Material in the Field of Programmable Logic Devices Abstract   PDF
K. Kuk, D. Prokin, G. Dimić, B. Stanojević
Vol 61, No 5 (2005) Interactive Textile’s Signals Processing System Abstract   PDF
R. Lukočius, J. A. Virbalis, J. Daunoras, A. Vegys
Vol 22, No 6 (2016) Interconnection Contracts between Service and Content Provider with Partial Cloud Migration Abstract   PDF
Branka D. Mikavica, Aleksandra M. Kostic-Ljubisavljevic
Vol 102, No 6 (2010) Intercultural Management – Trend of Contemporary Globalized World Abstract   PDF
D. Caganova, M. Cambal, S. Weidlichova Luptakova
Vol 121, No 5 (2012) Interface for Gestural Interaction in Virtual Reality Environments Abstract   PDF
St. Gh. Pentiuc, E. G. Craciun, L. Grisoni
Vol 103, No 7 (2010) Internet Infrastructure Topology Assessment Abstract   PDF
A. Kajackas, R. Rainys
Vol 46, No 4 (2003) Interpolation of Magnetic Field Using Spline-Functions Abstract   PDF
D. Navikas, P. Tarvydas, D. Šeškevičius
Vol 90, No 2 (2009) Interpolator in a Sigma-Delta Digital-to-Analog Converter Abstract   PDF
V. Puidokas, A. J. Marcinkevičius
Vol 49, No 7 (2003) Interpoliacinių analoginės informacijos keitiklių struktūros analizė ir skaičiavimas Abstract   PDF
A. Marcinkevičius, V. Jasonis
Vol 96, No 8 (2009) Inter-Vehicle Communication: Emergency Message Delay Distributions Abstract   PDF
A. Kajackas, A. Vindašius, Š. Stanaitis
Vol 112, No 6 (2011) Introduction Into the Novel Two-Dimensional Discrete Orthogonal Transforms Based on Rotation Angles Abstract   PDF
P. Misans, U. Derums
Vol 63, No 7 (2005) Introduction To Design of Gas Insulated Lines With N2/SF6 Mixtures Abstract   PDF
Z. Gacek, T. Rusek
Vol 9, No 5 (1996) Inversinio filtro panaudojimas impulsinėje doplerinėje sistemoje Abstract
R. Adaškevičius
Vol 21, No 3 (2015) Investigation and Comparison of Three-Phase and Six-Phase Cage Motor Energy Parameters Abstract   PDF
Jonas Buksnaitis
Vol 18, No 9 (2012) Investigation for Losses of M19 and Amorphous Core Materials Asynchronous Motor by Finite Elements Methods Abstract   PDF
İ. Tarımer, S. Arslan, M. E. Güven
Vol 68, No 4 (2006) Investigation into Dynamic Non-Symmetrical Braking Modes of Linear Induction Motor Abstract   PDF
R. Rinkevičienė, S. Lisauskas, A. Šlepikas
Vol 65, No 1 (2006) Investigation into Dynamic Non-Symmetrical Breaking Modes of Linear Induction Motor Abstract   PDF
R. Rinkevičienė, S. Lisauskas
Vol 57, No 1 (2005) Investigation into Electric Braking of Linear Induction Motors in Lithuania Abstract   PDF
A. Smilgevičius
Vol 53, No 4 (2004) Investigation into Pulse Drives of Dampers Abstract   PDF
S. Lisauskas, B. Kundrotas
Vol 58, No 2 (2005) Investigation of a Magnetic Frequency Transducer on the Basis of Two-Collector Magnetosensitive of the Transistor Abstract   PDF
V. S. Osadchuk, A. V. Osadchuk
Vol 12, No 3 (1997) Investigation of Acoustic Field of the Rectangular Shape Piezoelement Abstract
S. Sajauskas, N. Sajauskas
Vol 112, No 6 (2011) Investigation of Allowed Channel Spacing for Differently Modulated Optical Signals in Combined HDWDM Systems Abstract   PDF
A. Udalcovs, V. Bobrovs, G. Ivanovs
Vol 28, No 5 (2000) Investigation of Amplitude and Phase Distortions in DAB System Abstract
A. Meister, E. Lossmann, P. Martverk
Vol 28, No 5 (2000) Investigation of Amplitude and Phase Distortions in DAB System Abstract
A. Šileikis, A. Gurskas, P. Martverk
Vol 70, No 6 (2006) Investigation of an Active System of Reactive Power Compensation for Induction Motors Abstract   PDF
J. Zakis, I. Rankis, A. Zhiravetska
Vol 21, No 5 (2015) Investigation of Anisotropic Cylindrical Semiconductor-Dielectric Waveguides Abstract   PDF
Darius Plonis, Vacius Malisauskas, Andrius Katkevicius
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