Vol 120, No 4 (2012)

Table of Contents


A Novel Hysteresis Current Control Strategy with Fuzzy Bandwidth for Active Power Filter PDF
Xinyang Liu, Jie Wang, Gang Yao 3-8
Energy Conversion Processes Research of Inverter – Three Phase Dual System Converter PDF
P. Balciunas, P. Norkevicius 9-14
Analysis of Operation Times and Electrical Storage Dimensioning for Energy Consumption Shifting and Balancing in Residential Areas PDF
A. Rosin, A. Auvaart, D. Lebedev 15-20
Amplify-and-Forward Relay Transmission System over Mixed Rayleigh and Hoyt Fading Channels PDF
P. Spalevic, M. Stefanovic, S. Panic, S. Minic, Lj. Spalevic 21-25
Intelligent Control of Cooling-Heating Systems by Using Emotional Learning PDF
A. Rezaee, M. Khalil Golpayegani 26-30
Statistical Analysis of Wind Turbine’s Output Power PDF
C. Nemes, M. Istrate 31-34
Possibilities of Energy Savings through Conversion to LED Lighting in Western Region of Lithuania PDF
E. Guseinoviene, A. Senulis, J. Vaupsas, J. Januteniene, B. Rudnickij 35-38


Linear Phase Two-Dimensional FIR Digital Filter Functions Generated by applying Christoffel-Darboux Formula for Orthonormal Polynomials PDF
D. G. Ciric, V. D. Pavlovic 39-42


Modeling of Nonlinear Circuit using Volterra Series PDF
J. Anilioniene, R. Anilionis, D. Andriukaitis 43-46
Experimental Setup for Magnetoresistance Analysis of Lanthanum Manganites Thin Films PDF
V. Novickij, V. Stankevic, A. Grainys, J. Novickij, S. Tolvaisiene, T. Stankevic 47-50
Design and Implementation of Neural Networks Neurons with RadBas, LogSig, and TanSig Activation Functions on FPGA PDF
I. Sahin, I. Koyuncu 51-54
Weight and Size Estimation of Energy Efficient LED Ballasts PDF
I. Galkin, O. Teteryonok, I. Milashevski 55-60


Joint Target Tracking and Classification with Heterogeneous Sensors PDF
Hongwei Quan, Anke Xue, Dongliang Peng 61-64
Challenges for Load Distribution Optimizer in Heat Exchanger Stations PDF
J. Sipal 65-68
Detection of Tuberculosis Bacilli in Tissue Slide Images using HMLP Network Trained by Extreme Learning Machine PDF
M. K. Osman, M. Y. Mashor, H. Jaafar 69-74


MIMO-OFDM Channel Estimation Using ANFIS PDF
M. N. Seyman, N. Taspinar 75-78


Energy Consumption and Quality of Approximate Image Transformation PDF
R. Damasevicius, G. Ziberkas 79-82
Dynamic Repartitioning of Large Data Model in Distribution Management Systems PDF
D. Capko, A. Erdeljan, G. Svenda, M. Popovic 83-88
A Methodology for Engineering OWL 2 Ontologies in Practise Considering their Semantic Normalisation and Completeness PDF
L. Nemuraite, B. Paradauskas 89-94
Survivability Modelling of Lithuanian Government Information System PDF
N. Paulauskas, E. Garsva, L. Gulbinovic, A. Stankevicius, D. Poviliauskas 95-98
The Main Principles of Knowledge-Based Information Systems Engineering PDF
Rimantas Butleris, A. Lopata, M. Ambraziunas, S. Gudas 99-102
A Bio-Inspired Fault-tolerant Hardware System Supporting Hierarchical Self-healing PDF
Jiaqing Xu, Yong Dou, Qi Lv 103-106
Infrared Image Enhancement and Segmentation for Extracting the Thermal Anomalies in Electrical Equipment PDF
M. S. Jadin, S. Taib 107-112


Implementation of Sense Amplifier in 0.18-µm CMOS Process PDF
L. F. Rahman, M. B. I. Reaz, M. A. M. Ali, M. Marufuzzaman 113-116

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731