Vol 118, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents


Parallel Computation based Spectrum Sensing Implementation for Cognitive Radio PDF
Shixian Wang, Hengzhu Liu, Botao Zhang, Lunguo Xie 3-8
Quality Measurement of Speech Recognition Features in Context of Nearest Neighbour Classifier PDF
R. Lileikyte, L. Telksnys 9-12
An Algorithm for Grayscale Images Compression based on the forward Adaptive Quantizer Designed for Signals with Discrete Amplitudes PDF
M. Savic, Z. Peric, M. Dincic 13-16


Analysis of Microelectrode Arrays for Dielectrophoresis using the Finite Element Method PDF
J. Novickij, V. Novickij, V. Stankevic, A. Grainys, S. Tolvaisiene 17-20
Comparative Review of Long-Term Energy Storage Technologies for Renewable Energy Systems PDF
A. Andrijanovits, H. Hoimoja, D. Vinnikov 21-26
Vehicle Detection based on Magneto-Resistive Magnetic Field Sensor PDF
A. Daubaras, M. Zilys 27-32
Application of Preselection of Test Subsequences in Sequential Test Generation for Functional Delay Faults PDF
E. Bareisa, V. Jusas, K. Motiejunas, R. Seinauskas, L. Motiejunas 33-37


Improvement of Power Factor. Technoeconomical Application in a Case Study at the Industrial Area of Kavala PDF
P. Adoniadis, N. Vordos, D. V. Bandekas, A. Ioannou 38-42
Sizing Analysis of PV System with VRB Storage PDF
Guozhen Hu, Shanxu Duan, Tao Cai, Changsong Chen 43-48
Study on the Braking Characteristics of Linear Induction Motors PDF
B. Karaliunas 49-52
Statistical Analysis of Power Generation of Wind Parks PDF
R. P. Deksnys, A. Stankevicius 53-56
The Problem Issues of Intelligent Monitoring and Control of CIS in Latvia PDF
A. Zabasta, N. Kunicina, L. Ribickis 57-62
Modeling of Fault Diagnosis in Power Systems using Petri Nets PDF
N. Pamuk, Y. Uyaroglu 63-66
Power Factor Correction based on Fuzzy Logic Controller with Fixed Switching Frequency PDF
A. Kessal, L. Rahmani, M. Mostefai 67-72


The Method of Markov Processes with Macro States for Analysis of Unreliable Telecommunication Systems PDF
R. Rindzevicius, P. Tervydis, A. Daunys 73-76
Analysis of Home Wi-Fi Internet Access Networks Situation in Vilnius City PDF
A. Statkus, S. Paulikas 77-80


Efficient MPEG-2 Transport Stream Encryption Method for Low Processing Power Mobile Devices PDF
V. Simanaitis, A. Liutkevicius, A. Vrubliauskas, E. Kazanavicius, D. Imbrasas 81-88
Approach to the Improvement of the Text Line Segmentation by Oriented Anisotropic Gaussian Kernel PDF
D. Brodic, Z. Milivojevic, D. R. Milivojevic 89-94
Implementation Analysis of Matrix Power Cipher in Embedded Systems PDF
K. Luksys, E. Sakalauskas, A. Venckauskas 95-98


Investigation of Transient Process of Heat Carrier Temperature of Water to Air Heat Exchanger PDF
L. Brazdeikis 99-102


ENXENO: LEGO© Robots from University Lab to K-12 Classroom PDF
A. Vazquez Alejos, V. Santalla del Rio, M. Vera Isasa, E. de Lorenzo, I. Cuinas, M. Garcia Sanchez 103-108

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731