Vol 23, No 5 (1999)

Table of Contents


Application of the Resistive Sensors for High-Power Nanosecond Duration Microwave Pulse Registration
M. Dagys, Z. Kancleris, R. Simniskis
Design Strategy of New Generation of Electronics Circuits
R. Seinauskas, E. Bareisa, R. Beniseviciute, V. Jusas
Research of Puncture of Thin Dielectric Layers and Metal Layers Defects
S. Joneliunas, R. Naujokaitis, S. Raila
Devices for Investigations of Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) in Pulsed Magnetic Field
J. Novickij, S. Balevicius, O. Kuprijanovic
Quality Control of Semiconductor Chips Gluing
R. Anilionis, P. Balaisis, G. Vilutis
The Influence of Measurement Modes of Power Semiconductor Devices on the Control of Electrical Parameters
M. Puceta
Finite Element Method for Electromagnetic Field Modelling
P. Tarvydas, V. Markevicius
Complete Model of the Electro-Optic A/D Converter
J. Skardzius
Efficiency of Integrated Security Systems
M. Zilys
Estimation of OAE Properties. Ensemble Correlation Method for SNR Enhancement in TEAOE Signals
A. Janusauskas, B. Engdahl, O. Svensson, L. Sörnmo
An Assessment of Rare Gas Filling Quality of Insulating Glazing Units of the Windows by Ultrasonic Method
V. Dikavicius, J. Butkus
Influence of Step Irregularity on Characteristics of the Microstrip Meander Retard Systems
R. Martavicius, V. Urbanavicius
Periodic time-domain analysis based on approximation by splines and harmonic balance
S. Bartkevicius
Analysis of Cooley-Tukey Algorithm
J. Sadzevicius, J. Daunoras
Modeling and Analysis of the Fluorescent Lamp Energy Parameters
K. Otas, A. Vaskys
Analysis of Integrated Electrical Wind Energy Conversion Systems
V. Adomavicius, G. Petrauskas
Electrostatic Field Strength in Electrode System "Wire Between Two Plane Electrodes with Different Potentials"
S. Zebrauskas

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731