Vol 19, No 1 (1999)

Table of Contents


Generalized Model of the Helix with Exterior Shields
J Skudutis
Optimization of Optoelectronic Charge Converter's Parameters
A. Baluzis, S. Sakalauskas
Specific Features of Construction for Charge Sensitive Amplifiers
R. Navickas, V. Morozov
Acoustoectric Interaction in Layered Structure with Ion Selective Electrode
R. Giriuniene, E. Garska
Employment of Electric Arc for Cover Deposition
V. Valincius, P. Valatkevicius, L. L. Pranevicius
The Minimization of the Defects of Monocrystal Substrates Surface Structural and Geometric Parameters
J. Margelevicius
Quality of Metallisation of Acustoelectronic Device Transducers
R. Anilionis, J. Anilioniene
Filtration of the Additive Periodic Interference from the Samples of Electrocardiosignals
A. Kirmonas, V. Miskinis, V. Jurkonis
Algorithm for Processing Optoelectronic Converter Output Signal in Heart's Rythmogram Recognition Process
R. Adaskevicius
Estimation the Quality of Lithuanian Telecommunication Network
R. Gudonavicius, B. Dekeris, L. Narbutaite
Theoretical Research of Statistical Characteristics of Euclid Distance
R. Slanys
Compensation of Friction Forces in Aircraft Control System
B. Karaliunas
The Method Offered to Determine the Influence of Parameters of a Rotor to the Form and Value of a Magnetic Field in an Air Split in a Mode of Short Circuit
R. Dalibogas
Investigation of Class of Low Speed Asynchronous Electric Drives
A. Poska, R. Rinkeviciene, M. Meilunas
Mathematical Models for Selection of Unified Linear Induction Motors Parameters
Z. Savickiene
A Method of Linear Controller Gain Scheduling for Nonlinear Process Control
D. Levisauskas

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731