Vol 15, No 2 (1998)

Table of Contents


Control of Dynamic Properties of Electronic Devices
P. Balaisis, R.J. Balaisis, D. Eidukas
Comparative Characteristics of the Motion and Excitation Equations In Multiharmonic Magnetron Cascade Devices
J.O. Meilus, O. Betskij, S. Gelzinis
An Approach to Measure Convergence of CRT
V. Bartkevicius, A. Dosinas
Elimination of Errors in Evaluation of Gap Junction Single Channel Conductance
A. Krisciukaitis
Modelling of the Electrotonic Potential Distribution in Two-Dimensional Anisotropic Ohmic Me-dia
A. Grigaliunas, R. Veteikis
Experimental Investigation of the Doppler Diagnostic Devices
A. Kopustinskas
Model and Simulation of Common Channel Signaling System
S. Mizeikis, R. Rindzevicius
Training Neural Networks by Stochastic Optimisation
A. Verikas, A. Gelzinis, M. Bacauskiene
Telecommunication Services Research by Inquiring
J. Gvergzdys
Surface Acoustic Wave Devices on Gallium Arsenide
R. Miskinis
The Role of Surface Processes on the Kinetics of Plasma Nitriding of Solids
D. Milcius, L.L. Pranevicius
Research of Transference Mechanism and Struc-tural Changes of Micro-Optical Surfaces
V. Grigaliunas, J. Margelevicius, M. Andrulevicius, K. Slapikas, J. Sapoka
Research of Electromagnetic Phenomena of One Phase Induction Motor Without Ferro-Magnetic Shunts Possessing Two Shorted Turns at Each Stator Pole
J. Buksnaitis, V. Katkevicius
Transient Processes of Braking Regimes of Special Electric Motors
B. Karaliunas

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731