Vol 13, No 4 (1997)

Table of Contents


Evaluation of Electronic Device No-Failure
R.J. Balaisis, D. Eidukas, D. Navikas
Probability Models of Control Characteristics of Radioelectronic Devices
R. Kalnius
Method for Checking the Authenticity of Parameter Values of Energetic System
V. Sidlauskas
The Model of the Meander Delay Systems with Complicated Form of the Taps
A. Gurskas, R. Kirvaitis, R. Martavicius
Electrodynamical Analysis of the Helical Systems with Axial Symmetry
S. Staras, A. Kleiza
Synchronization of Delay Line Hyperchaotic Oscillator
A. Namajunas, A. Tamasevicius, A. Cenys
The Primitive Call Flow Served by Multi-access Lines System with Queue Leaving Calls
V. Pilkauskas, R. Rindzevicius
Braking Duty of Asynchronous Machine with Solid Rotor
L. Andriusiene, P. Kostrauskas, R. Mukulys
Photovoltaic Conventional and Thin-film Cells Overview
G. Petrauskas
Conferting of Wide Bandwidth Noise Signals Invariant to the Intercorrelation Function
V.A. Buinevicius
An Information System for Ultrasound Diagnostics Workplace
O. Fabri, V. Jeliov
Off-Axis Gaussian Beam Transfer through Unstable Resonator
E. Sliteris
Optimization of Piezotransducers for Two-phase Flow Control
D. Jucius
UHF Multiplexor on n-GaAs
J. Parseliunas, R. Miskinis, P. Rutkowski, E. Urba, G. Mazylis
Anomalous Oxidation of GaAs in the CF2Cl2/O2 Plasma
A. Grigonis, S. Joneliunas
The Investigation of the Interpolator of Two Carrier Frequency Blood Velocity Estimation System
A. Kopustinskas, A. Kitkauskaite
Computer Programs for Investigation of Intercellular Communication using Double Whole Cell Voltage Clamp
A. Krisciukaitis

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731