Vol 12, No 3 (1997)

Table of Contents


Systematic Research of Electronic Device Reliability
P. Balaisis, D. Eidukas, D. Navikas
The New Two-Electron Stream Magnetron Frequency Multiplier
J.O. Meilus, S. Gelzinis
Methods of One-Dimensional Non-Stationary Signal Scanning within Time and Frequency Domain and their Application for Otoacoustic Emission Signal Analysis
V. Marozas
Braking Schemes of Special Electric Motors
B. Karaliunas
Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in Electrical Motors for Geophysical Devices
S. Gecys, A. Simutis
Transfer Function Establishment Along Experimental Data by Redundant Method
K. Sarkauskas
Scanning System Optimum Control Principles
V. Gelezevicius
Estimation of Security System Parameters
M. Zilys, A. Valinevicius
Inductance - Capacitance Charger of Polarization
I.K. Bondarenko, O.I. Agaphontseva, A.I. Boyko
Modelling of Optoelectronic Analog-to-Digital Converter's Sampler
R. Martavicius, V.A. Malinauskas
Two Section Interdigital SAW Transducer Model
A. Neverauskas, S. Rupkus
Investigation of Acoustic Field of the Rectangular Shape Piezoelement
S. Sajauskas, N. Sajauskas
Digital Simulation Aspects of Automatically Controlled Motions of Dynamically Linked 3D Objects
A.A. Bielskis
Research of Thin Aluminium Vacuum Coatings
V. Grigaliunas, V. Kopustinskas, K. Slapikas, J. Margelevicius, M. Andrulevicius
Evaluation of Doppler Effect in Receiving Radio Signals from Planets
R. Stecevicius
Development of Lithuanian Railway Telecommunication Network
A. Danilaitis, J. Gvergzdys, A. Jarutis, R. Rindzevicius
On the Issues of the Electromagnetic Field Measurement and Prediction with the Land Mobile Services
A. Kajackas, A. Medeisis

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731