Vol 11, No 2 (1997)

Table of Contents


Separatability of Phase Trajectories of Complicated Structure Acoustical Signals
R. Gudonavicius
Holographic Investigation of the Ultrasonic Bending Vibration System
S. Sajauskas, V Minialga
The Estimation Model of Telecommunication Network State
B. Dekeris, R. Gudonavicius, L. Narbutaite
Transfer Function Establishment along Experimental Data by Approaching Method
K. Sarkauskas
Delay Circuits as Pulse Analysators
E. Hermanis
The Mathematical Model of Braking Regimes of Linear Induction Motor
B. Karaliunas
The Primary Analysis of Renewable Source's Energy Supply to Electrical Grid
G. Petrauskas, V. Leonavicius
Design of Electrical Motors for Geophysical Devices by Method of Parametrical Synthesis
S. Gecys, E. Milcius, A. Simutis
Aspects of Fault Diagnostics for Sequential CMOS Circuits
R. Beniseviciute, J. Kilikauskas
The Analysis of Influence of Acoustic Signal Reflection in Pipelines to Correlation Function of these Signals
L. Jakevicius, O. Tumsys, G. Gudavicius
Fixed Temperature Heat Sensor
J. Verkelis, Z. Bliznikas, K. Breive, V. Dikinis
The Influence of Activation Processes on Ion Sputtering
L. L. Pranevicius, D. Milcius, L. Pranevicius
Colour Constancy: Estimation of the Chromaticity Coordinates of the Surface Colour
V. Viliunas, J. Kulikowski, H. Vaitkevicius, K. Breive, Z. Bliznikas
Ballistic Mechanism of Adatom Aggregation during Initial Stages of Thin Film Formation
A. Kanapickas
Ion Beam Induced Solid-Phase Epitaxy of Crystalline Silicon during Simultaneous Silver Atoms Deposition on Amorphous Silicon
A. Mickus
Experimental Characteristics of the VTM Frequency Multiplier with the Lengthened Output Cascade
O. J. Meilus, V. Alybin

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731