Vol 113, No 7 (2011)

Table of Contents


Research on Operating Performance for Hybrid Rotor Synchronous Motor PDF
Xuezhen Chen, Chenglin Gu 3-8
Loss Calculation Methods of Half-Bridge Square-Wave Inverters PDF
A. Blinov, D. Vinnikov, T. Jalakas 9-14
Grid-tied Converter with Intermediate Storage Chain for Multipurpose Applications PDF
C. Ramonas, V. Adomavicius 15-20
Application of RBF Network in Rotor Time Constant Adaptation PDF
P. Brandstetter, P. Chlebis, P. Palacky, O. Skuta 21-26
Convergence of the Discrete-Time Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Successive Time-Varying Linearization along Predicted Trajectories PDF
P. Orlowski 27-31


Possibilities of Electronics Engineering Studies in University and College PDF
N. Bagdanavicius, D. Andriukaitis, A. Valinevicius 32-36


Novel Solution of Notch/All-pass Filter with Special Electronic Adjusting of Attenuation in the Stop Band PDF
R. Sotner, J. Jerabek, B. Sevcik, T. Dostal, K. Vrba 37-42


Image Processing in the Woodworking Industry: Challenges, Solutions and Platforms PDF
A. Molder, O. Martens 43-46
A 2-D DCT Hardware Codec based on Loeffler Algorithm PDF
I. Martisius, D. Birvinskas, V. Jusas, Z. Tamosevicius 47-50


Acceleration of Recursive Data Sorting over Tree-based Structures PDF
D. Mihhailov, A. Sudnitson, V. Sklyarov, I. Skliarova 51-56
Simplified Visual Modelling Approach for Executable Software Generation PDF
M. Binkis, T. Blazauskas, E. Bareisa 57-62
A Non-Linear System’s Response Identification using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
B. Sokouti, M. Sokouti, S. Haghipour 63-66
Maximizing the Profit of Telecom Telcos by a Novel Traffic Scheduling Policy PDF
Z. Bojovic, E. Secerov, D. Dobromirov, V. Senk 67-72
Point Cloud Merging for Complete 3D Surface Reconstruction PDF
V. Matiukas, D. Miniotas 73-76
Implementation of Full-Featured PID Regulator in Microcontrollers PDF
O. Krejcar, I. Spicka, R. Frischer 77-82
Ontology-Based Support for Complex Events PDF
A. Sasa, O. Vasilecas 83-88
Assessment of Cyber Attacks Influence over Internet Network PDF
A. Kajackas, R. Rainys, A. Aputis 89-92


BPSK Receiver Based on Adaptive Structure with Remodulation PDF
B. Dimitrijevic, N. Milosevic, Z. Nikolic 93-96
Development of the Tool for Evaluation of Quality of Mobile Data Services PDF
D. Balciunas, V. Batkauskas 97-100
Realization of Combined Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Methods in High Speed WDM Optical Transmission Systems PDF
S. Spolitis, G. Ivanovs 101-106


Robust Piezo Impedance Magnitude Measurement Method PDF
T. Saar 107-110
Improvement of WMS Functionality, Aiming to Minimize Processing Time of Jobs in Grid Computing PDF
V. Pilkauskas, R. Plestys, G. Vilutis, D. Sandonavicius 111-116

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731