Vol 102, No 6 (2010)

Table of Contents


Complementary formations of Doctorate in Electrical and Information Engineering: Internal Credits or ECTS PDF
O. Bonnaud 3-6
The Preliminary Investigation into the Self-Efficacy of students taking an Accounting and Finance course in Undergraduate Engineering Degree Programmes PDF
J. Gao, A. E. Ward 7-10
Lublin University of Technology as a Partner of the Project: Modern Learning – Development of Didactic Potential of the University PDF
A. Wac-Włodarczyk, P. Billewicz 11-14
European Programs and their Extension in the Field of Computer Vision, Color and Robotics PDF
F. Meriaudeau, D. Fofi, A. Meriaudeau, H. Adema-Labille, V. Torres, A. Tremeau, R. Zaccaria, V. Resaz 15-18
Experiences in International Cooperation in Teaching PDF
T. Welzer, M. Družovec, M. Hölbl, M. Z. Venuti 19-22
Lifelong Learning Courses – Not Just an Alternative Way PDF
T. Zeman, J. Hrad 23-26
Integrating Labs into Learning Environment PDF
M. Jaanus, V. Kukk, K. Umbleja 27-30
European Study Programme for Advanced Networking Technologies PDF
C. Vaz de Carvalho, J. Salonen, K. Bjorn, S. Knockaert, R. Van Steenberghe, L. Schoofs, J. Rugelj, J. L Marzo 31-34
Learning Styles and the Use of Lecture Videos in Adult Education PDF
S. Laine, M. Myllymäki, I. Hakala 35-38
Accreditation of Experiential Learning From Personal Initiative to Supervised Realization an Experiment at Bordeaux 1 University PDF
I. Sand, G. Duchamp 39-42
Possibilities of Developing Study Motivation in E-Learning Products PDF
A. Dumčienė, D. Lapėnienė 43-46
The Development of Modules for the Support of Education in the field of Biomedical Engineering PDF
V. Djordjevic, V. Gerla, M. Huptych, L. Lhotska, V. Krajca 47-50
Intercultural Management – Trend of Contemporary Globalized World PDF
D. Caganova, M. Cambal, S. Weidlichova Luptakova 51-54
A Conceptual Model of Social Networking in Higher Education PDF
P. Jucevičienė, G. Valinevičienė 55-58
Promoting Gender Diversity Research in Slovakia within 7th Framework Programme PDF
J. Stefankova, D. Caganova, O. Moravcik 59-62
Students’ Feedback and Communication Habits using Moodle PDF
M. Hölbl, T. Welzer 63-66


Graduate Curricula in Software Engineering and Software Assurance: Need and Recommendations PDF
T. B. Hilburn, A. J. Kornecki 67-70
Educational System to Approach Teaching of Bi-static Noise Radar PDF
A. V. Alejos, M. Garcia Sanchez, I. Cuiñas, M. Dawood, H. U. R. Mohammed 71-74
The Designing and the Implementation of WWW-course ”Electricity, Electronics and Environment” PDF
L. Korpinen, M. Koskiranta, R. Lehtelä, M. Vesapuisto, K. Tepsa, H. Puro 75-78
Increasing the Attractiveness of Engineering Education in the Area of Electronic Communications PDF
J. Hrad, T. Zeman 79-82
Challenges of Embedded Systems Teaching in Electronic Engineering Studies PDF
Ž. Nakutis, M. Saunoris 83-86
Motivating the Students to Study the Basics of Digital Signal Processing by using Virtual Learning Environment PDF
V. Marozas, V. Dumbrava 87-90
On Teaching Hardware/Software Co-design using FPGA PDF
N. Bencheva, N. Kostadinov, Y. Ruseva 91-94
First-Year Undergraduate Student Academic Profile: 2009 Enrollment PDF
R. Krivickas, A. Valinevičius, D. Eidukas, D. Andriukaitis, B. Dekeris 95-98
The Students’ Feedback on WWW-course ”Electricity, Electronics and Environment” PDF
M. Vesapuisto, T. Vekara, L. Korpinen, M. Koskiranta, R. Lehtelä 99-102
Effectiveness and Quality of Education: Methodology, Organization and Technical Means PDF
V. Juška, A. Chaziachmetovas, R. Jaruševičius 103-106
Laboratory Experiments in Circuit Theory: Link between Theoretical Concepts and Practical Examples PDF
D. Jegelevičius, D. Pagodinas, V. Dumbrava 107-110
Preparing Students for Globalization – Working with International Teams with Projects PDF
A. Friesel 111-114


A Practice in using E-Portfolio in a Higher Education Course Taught at Distance PDF
B. Karaoglan, L. Ertaul 115-118
Experiences of Teaching Complicated Undergraduate Course for Large Number of Students in the Tallinn University of Technology PDF
I. Rokk, M. Kulmar, A. Ots, E. Lossmann 119-122
Adapting Telecommunication Engineering Degree to the European Higher Education Area requirements at the University of Vigo PDF
I. Cuiñas, E. de Lorenzo 123-126
Mixed Integration of CDIO skills into Telecommunication Engineering Curricula PDF
E. Sayrol, R. Bragós, E. Alarcón, M. Cabrera, A. Calveras, J. Comellas, J. O’Callaghan, J. Pegueroles, E. Pla, L. Prat, G. Sáez, J. Sardà, C. Tallón 127-130


Influence of Technologies on Quality of Distance Learning A. Targamadzė, PDF
A. Targamadzė, R. Petrauskienė, D. Rubliauskas 131-134
Manifestation of Axiological and Motivational Aspects in E-Learning Products PDF
A. Dumčienė, S. Sipavičienė 135-138
Mobile Laboratory for Training in Network Technologies PDF
W. Grega, G. Papadourakis 139-142
Enquiry into Cooperation Between Master's IT Programme and Companies PDF
I. Hakala, S. Laine, M. Myllymäki 143-146
Information and Control System of Traverse and its Integration into Cybernetic Centre PDF
J. Liguš, I. Zolotová, P. Karch, J. Ligušová 147-150


Project-Oriented Approach to Low-Power Topics in Advanced Digital Design Course PDF
D. Mihhailov, A. Sudnitson, M. Kruus 151-154
Use of Simulation and Gaming to Enhance Entrepreneurship PDF
E. Bagdonas, I. Patašienė, M. Patašius, V. Skvernys 155-158
Simulation and Haptic Devices in Engineering Education PDF
D. Lopes, C. Vaz de Carvalho 159-162
Remote Quanser Experiments PDF
D. Popescu, C. Ionete, D. Sendrescu, M. Roman 163-166
Engineering Education and Engineering Practice: A Student Teacher Perspective PDF
M. M. Kantonidou 167-170

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731