Vol 110, No 4 (2011)

Table of Contents


Computation of Electric Wind Parameters in Direct Current Corona Field PDF
J. Gudzinskas, P. Mar─Źiulionis, S. ┼Żebrauskas 3-6
Modelling and Design of HF 200 kHz Transformers for Hard- and Soft-Switching Application PDF
R. Radvan, B. Dobrucky, M. Frivaldsky, P. Rafajdus 7-12
Digital Automatic Control System with PID Controller PDF
A. Petrovas, S. Lisauskas, R. Rinkeviciene 13-16
Investigation of Energetic Parameters of Oscillating Synchronous Pulsating Current Motors PDF
L. Urmoniene, S. Gecys, E. Guseinoviene, V. Cirtautas 17-20
Mechanical Characteristics of Linear Asynchronous Motor PDF
A. Boudiaf, Z. Aissani, A. Bentriou 21-24
The Air Gap and Angle Optimization in the Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor PDF
C. Akuner, E. Huner 25-29


Practical Fuzzy-CAC Realization for Effective Traffic Engineering in MPLS-TE Networks PDF
J. Jelinskis, A. Skrastins, G. Lauks 30-34
Estimation of Critical Components of Internet Infrastructure PDF
A. Kajackas, R. Rainys 35-38
Optimization of Sensor Grid aided by Modelling of Sensor Relationships with Digital Filters PDF
J. Gorecki, B. Miedzinski 39-42
Data Post-Processing Algorithms for Active Forward-Looking Sonar System PDF
J. Berdnikova, V. Kozevnikov, T. Ruuben, A. Raja 43-46


Synthesis of Six-Conductors Symmetrically Coupled Microstrip Line, Operating in a Normal Mode PDF
S. Mikucionis, V. Urbanavicius 47-52
The Magnetoactive p-Ge Rod Waveguide Loss Analysis on the Concen-tration of Two Component Hole Charge Carriers PDF
L. Nickelson, A. Bubnelis, A. Baskys, R. Navickas 53-56


Efficiency of Electronic Devices for Unsteady Flow of Failures PDF
D. Eidukas, V. Stupak 57-60
Integration of Biosensors and Associated Electronics on Lab-on-Chip Devices PDF
A. T. Giannitsis, T. Parve, M. Min 61-66
The Microelectronic Radiomeasuring Transducers of Magnetic Field with a Frequency Output PDF
V. S. Osadchuk, A. V. Osadchuk 67-70
A Static Synchronous Compensator for Displacement Power Factor Correction under Distorted Mains Voltage Conditions PDF
R. Cimbals, O. Krievs, L. Ribickis 71-76


Prognostication of Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes PDF
M. R. Babarskiene, J. Vencloviene, D. Luksiene, I. Milvidaite 77-80
Piece-Linear Aggregates for Formai Specification and Simulation of Hybrid Systems: Pharmacokinetics Patient-Controlled Analgesia PDF
H. Pranevicius, L. Simaitis, M. Pranevicius, O. Pranevicius 81-84
Ant System Initial Parameters Distribution PDF
R. Laptik 85-88
Parallel Algorithm Evaluation in the Image and Clustering Processing PDF
C. Pughineanu, I. Balan 89-92


Design of the Deadbeat Controller with Limited Output PDF
L. Balasevicius, G. Dervinis 93-96
Fractional Calculus in Modelling of Measuring Transducers PDF
M. Luft, R. Cioc, D. Pietruszczak 97-100
Hierarchical Control Approach for Autonomous Mobile Robots PDF
T. Proscevicius, A. Bukis, V. Raudonis, M. Eidukeviciute 101-104


Image Magnification Method Comparison PDF
V. Vysniauskas, G. Daunys, K. Vysniauskaite 105-108
Voice-based Human-Machine Interaction Modeling for Automated Information Services PDF
R. Maskeliunas, K. Ratkevicius, V. Rudzionis 109-112
Quality Estimation Methodology of Speech Recognition Features PDF
R. Lileikyte, L. Telksnys 113-116
Method for Fast and Complexity-Reduced Asymmetric Image Compression PDF
I. Bilinskis, A. Skageris, K. Sudars 117-120
Efficient ECG Modeling using Polynomial Functions PDF
S. Jokic, V. Delic, Z. Peric, S. Krco, D. Sakac 121-124
A Fully Automatic Autofocusing Algorithm for Post-processing ISAR Imaging based on Image Entropy Minimization
E. D. Kallitsis, A. V. Karakasiliotis, G. E. Boultadakis, P. V. Frangos 125-130


Teaching of Telecommunication-Specific University Course in Cooperation with Partners from Industry PDF
A. Ainomae, I. Rokk, E. Lossmann 131-134
Efficiency Increase at Low Temperatures through Heat Accumulation Tube Sections in Synthetic Material Damp-Proof Luminaires with T5 Fluorescent Lamps PDF
F. Pracht 135-138

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731