Vol 20, No 4 (2014)

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Transitional Selective Linear Phase 1D FIR Filter Function Generated by Christoffel-Darboux Formula for Chebyshev Polynomials PDF
V. D. Pavlovic, D. S. Antic, S. L. Peric, S. S. Nikolic, M. T. Milojkovic 3-10
Generation Adequacy of Isolated Small Power System PDF
M. Azubalis, D. Slusnys, E. Dragasius 11-14
The HVDC Supplementary Control for AC/DC Interconnected Power Grid Based on Hamilton Energy Function Theory PDF
Fang Shi, Jie Wang 15-21
A Novel Robust STATCOM Control Scheme for Stability Enhancement in Multimachine Power System PDF
A. Ganesh, R. Dahiya, G. K. Singh 22-28
Detection of Induction Drive Fault Based on Identification Model PDF
R. Janickas, Z. Savickiene 29-32
User P-Q Diagram as a Part of a Synchronous Generator Monitoring System PDF
M. Vrazic, A. Viskovic, Z. Hanic 33-38
Noise Reduction of Electrocardiographic Signals using Wavelet Transforms PDF
S. A. Qureshi, I. Masood, M. Hashmi, S. Hanninen, M. Sarwar, A. Jameel 39-42


Vehicle Influence on the Earth’s Magnetic Field Changes PDF
V. Markevicius, D. Navikas, A. Daubaras, M. Cepenas, M. Zilys, D. Andriukaitis 43-48
Maximum Power Point Tracking in Solar Power Plants under Partially Shaded Condition PDF
M. Pikutis, D. Vasarevicius, R. Martavicius 49-52


Class-E Power Amplifier with Novel Pre-Distortion Linearization Technique for 4G Mobile Wireless Communications PDF
U. Eswaran, H. Ramiah, J. Kanesan 53-56


A New Approach of Geological Disasters Forecasting using Meteorological Factors based on Genetic Algorithm Optimized BP Neural Network PDF
Sunwen Du, Jin Zhang, Zengbing Deng, Jingtao Li 57-62


Optimization of the Fast Image Binarization Method Based on the Monte Carlo Approach PDF
P. Lech, K. Okarma 63-66
An Image Retrieval Method Based on Hu Invariant Moment and Improved Annular Histogram PDF
F. Xiang, H. Yong, S. Dandan, Z. Jiexian 67-71


Experimental Research of Signal Fading in Fixed Wireless Links PDF
S. Kaseta, V. Grimaila, D. Rukavicius 72-75
Compression of the Highly Correlated Measurement Signals using DPCM Technique PDF
A. V. Jocic, Z. H. Peric, M. R. Dincic, D. B. Denic, D. N. Radenkovic 76-79
Reviewers PDF

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731