Vol 109, No 3 (2011)

Table of Contents


Computer Terminal for Blind and Visually Impaired PDF
R. Bansevicius, A. Zvironas, J. A. Virbalis 3-6
Position Measurement of Oscillating Linear Movement of Mechatronic Device PDF
V. Jankūnas, D. Eidukas, E. Guseinovienė 7-10
The Joint Probability Density Function of the SSC Combiner Output Signal at two Time Instants in the Presence of Log-Normal Fading PDF
D. S. Krstic, P. B. Nikolic, M. C. Stefanovic, F. Destovic 11-16
Calculation and Analysis of Transformer Inrush Current Based on Parameters of Transformer and Operating Conditions PDF
M. Jamali, M. Mirzaie, S. Asghar-Gholamian 17-20
Computer-aided Analysis of Thermal Convection near Electric Devices PDF
S. Czapp, M. Czapp 21-24
Output Power of Switched Reluctance Generator with regard to the Phase Number and Number of Stator and Rotor Poles PDF
V. Hrabovcova, P. Rafajdus, M. Liptak 25-30
Study on the Characteristics of Electronically Commutated Motor PDF
B. Karaliunas 31-34
Modeling of Photovoltaic Panel and Examining Effects of Temperature in Matlab/Simulink PDF
S. Rustemli, F. Dincer 35-40
Analysis of Balanced Three-Phase Induction Motor Performance under Unbalanced Supply using Simulation and Experimental Results PDF
I. Temiz, C. Akuner, H. Calik 41-45


Visualisation of Space-Temporal Configuration of Low Frequency Magnetic Signals PDF
D. Dimitrov, A. Dimitrov 46-48
Three-Mode Biomedical Signal Denoising in the Local Phase Space based on a Tensor Approach PDF
K. Pukenas 49-52
Measurement of the Depth of Spee's Curve using Digital 3D Dental Models PDF
R. Adaskevicius, V. Svalkauskiene 53-56
Speckle Tracking Derived Left and Right Atrial, Left and Right Ventricular Strain, Strain Rate After Atrioventricular Node Slow Pathway Radiofrequency Ablation PDF
R. Sileikiene, J. Vaskelyte, V. Mizariene, R. Jurkevicius, I. Bluzaite 57-62


Investigation of Microcoils for High Magnetic Field Generation PDF
A. Grainys, J. Novickij 63-66
On Delay Test Generation for Non-scan Sequential Circuits at Functional Level PDF
E. Bareisa, V. Jusas, K. Motiejunas, R. Seinauskas 67-70
FPGA based Improved Hardware Implementation of Booth Wallace Multiplier using Handel C PDF
S. A. Shinde, R. K. Kamat 71-74
Modelling of the Computer Classroom Electromagnetic Field PDF
P. Baltrenas, R. Buckus, S. Vasarevicius 75-80


Stabilization of Motion Trajectories of Servo Drive on Varying Parameters of Control Object Conditions PDF
V. A. Gelezevicius 81-84
Evaluation of the Mobile Robot Position according to the Profile of Known Environment PDF
V. Baranauskas, A. Derviniene, K. Sarkauskas, S. Bartkevicius 85-88
Induction Motor Voltage Amplitude Control Technique based on the Motor Efficiency Observation PDF
V. Bleizgys, A. Baskys, T. Lipinskis 89-92
Load Optimization of Heat Exchanger Cascades PDF
J. Sipal 93-96


Optimization of a Mini-Golf Game using the Genetic Algorithm PDF
A. Coskun 97-100
The Utilization of Feedback and Emotion Recognition in Computer based Speech Therapy System PDF
O. A. Schipor, S. G. Pentiuc, M. D. Schipor 101-104


Method for Conversational Voice Quality Evaluation in Cellular Networks PDF
A. Kajackas, A. Anskaitis, D. Gursnys 105-108
Digital Broadcasting Techno-Economic Efficiency Simulation Model PDF
A. Sugaris, I. Reljin 109-114


Experimental Study of Moment Method for Undergraduates in Electromagnetic PDF
N. F. O. Serteller, A. G. Ak, G. Kocyigit, T. C. Akinci 115-118


The Magneticreactive Effect in Transistors for Construction Transducers of Magnetic Field PDF
V. S. Osadchuk, A’. V. Osadchuk 119-122

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731