Vol 19, No 8 (2013)

Table of Contents


Navigation System of an Unmanned Boat for Autonomous Analyses of Water Quality PDF
G. Tuna, O. Arkoc, G. Koulouras, S. M. Potirakis 3-7


Multisided Linear Induction Generator, Analytical Modeling, 3-D FEM Analysis and Experimental Tests PDF
M. Hosseini Aliabadi, S. H. Hosseinian, S. J. Moghani, M. Abedi 8-14
Immunity of Residual Current Devices to the Impulse Leakage Current in Circuits with Variable Speed Drives PDF
S. Czapp, K. Borowski 15-18
Neuro Fuzzy Controller for Positive Output KY Boost Converter to Reduce Output Voltage Ripple PDF
S. Karthikumar, N. Mahendran 19-24
Compact microsecond pulsed magnetic field generator for application in bioelectronics PDF
V. Novickij, A. Grainys, J. Novickij, A. Lucinskis, P. Zapolskis 25-28
Contributions Concerning the Oscilloscopic Method, for checking the Clock-Hour Figure of the Vector Group of a Electric Transformer PDF
C. Prodan, D. Cernomazu, V. Chatziathanasiou 29-32


Investigation of the Lamb Waves Generation in Isotropic Plates Using Ultrasonic Broadband Transducers PDF
A. Jankauskas, L. Mazeika, L. Draudviliene, G. Genutis 33-36
New Approach to Calibration of Vertical Fuel Tanks PDF
V. Knyva, M. Knyva, J. Rainys 37-40


Numerical Modeling of GaAs Solar Cell Performances PDF
M. Abderrezek, F. Djahli, M. Fathi, M. Ayad 41-44
Design of Output LCL Filter for 15-level Cascade Inverter PDF
M. Pastor, J. Dudrik 45-48
The Efficiency of Algorithms and Number of Control Hierarchy Levels of Building Electronic Control System PDF
E. Keras 49-53
Implementation of a Memcapacitor Emulator with Off-the-Shelf Devices PDF
M. P. Sah, C. Yang, R. K. Budhathoki, H. Kim, H. J. Yoo 54-58
Efficiency of the Electronic License Plate Recognition Systems PDF
P. Slapsinskas, M. Zilys 59-64


Design Considerations of an Amorphous Silicon Demultiplexer PDF
Z. Hafdi 65-68
A Low Power 3-Stage Voltage-Controlled Ring Oscillator in 0.18 µm CMOS Process for Active RFID Transponder PDF
J. Jalil, M. B. I. Reaz, M. A. M. Ali, T. G. Chang 69-72


3 Dimensional Finite Element Simulation of Seam Welding Process PDF
J. Saleem, A. Majid, K. Bertilsson, T. Carlberg 73-78
Modelling of Ambient Comfort Affect Reward Based Adaptive Laboratory Climate Controller PDF
A. A. Bielskis, E. Guseinoviene, D. Drungilas, G. Gricius, E. Zulkas 79-82
Comparison of Formant Features of Male and Female Emotional Speech in Czech and Slovak PDF
J. Pribil, A. Pribilova, J. Matousek 83-88
Vehicle Counting and Motion Direction Detection Using Microphone Array PDF
A. Severdaks, M. Liepins 89-92


Bi-Level Video Codec for Machine Vision Embedded Applications PDF
K. Khursheed, M. Imran, N. Ahmad, M. O’Nils 93-96


A Novel Wireless Sensor Network Localization Approach: Localization based on Plant Growth Simulation Algorithm PDF
Chengpei Tang, Ruiqi Liu, Jiangqun Ni 97-100
Research of IEEE 802.11 Standard Signal Propagation Features in Multi Floor Buildings PDF
S. Japertas, R. Slanys 101-104
Design of Accurate Vehicle Location System Using RFID PDF
Y. Ning, W. Zhong-qin, R. Malekian, W. Ru-chuan, A. H. Abdullah 105-110
New Approach to Support Region Determination of the µ-law Quantizer PDF
Z. Peric, D. Aleksic, M. Stefanovic, J. Nikolic 111-114
An Optimal Sink Nodes Number Estimation for Improving the Energetic Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
K. Staniec, G. Debita 115-118
The Performance of the Modified GCC Technique for Differential Time Delay Estimation in the Cooperative Sensor Network PDF
Z. S. Velickovic, V. D. Pavlovic 119-122
Examination of Multiplexing VDSL2 over ADSL2+ Line PDF
P. Lafata 123-127

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731