Vol 19, No 3 (2013)

Table of Contents

Editorial board PDF


Implementation of a Smart Grid Inverter through Embedded Systems PDF
I. M. Moreno-Garcia, A. Moreno-Munoz, F. Domingo-Perez, V. Pallares-Lopez, R. Real-Calvo, I. Santiago-Chiquero 3-6


Research on Robust Control for Electrified Railway Harmonic Suppression PDF
Xiangzheng Xu 7-10
New Hybrid EEM/BEM Method for Ellipsoidal Electrets Determination PDF
I. M. Novakovic, S. R. Aleksic, N. B. Raicevic 11-16
Study on Power Grid Partition Method for Wide-area Relaying Protection PDF
Zhenxing Li, Xianggen Yin, Zhe Zhang, Yuxue Wang 17-22
Hardware Implementation of A High Speed Inverse Park Transformation Using CORDIC and PLL for FOC Brushless Servo Drive PDF
A. S. N. Mokhtar, M. B. I. Reaz, Mohd Marufuzzaman, M. A. M. Ali 23-26
Combined Levitation Design and Control of a Novel M-DOF Actuator Based on Air Bearing and Electromagnetic Principle PDF
Zheng LI 27-32
Methods of Improving Superconductive Fault Current Limiting Devices in Power Engineering PDF
A. M. Hashimov, A. Nayir, S. A. Kazimov, A. S. Bondyakov, S. I. Hasanova 33-36


Estimating the State-of-Charge of all-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery using a Divided, Open-circuit Potentiometric Cell PDF
M. R. Mohamed, H. Ahmad, M. N. Abu Seman 37-42
Analysis of Heat Sink Modelling Performance PDF
P. Tarvydas, A. Noreika, Z. Staliulionis 43-46
Advanced Bilirubin Measurement by a Photometric Method PDF
M. Penhaker, V. Kasik, B. Hrvolova 47-50


Mean and Median Frequency of EMG Signal to Determine Muscle Force based on Time-Dependent Power Spectrum PDF
S. Thongpanja, A. Phinyomark, P. Phukpattaranont, C. Limsakul 51-56
Application of Arbitrary Position and Width Pulse Trains Signals in Ultrasonic Imaging: Correlation Performance Study PDF
L. Svilainis, K. Lukoseviciute, V. Dumbrava, A. Chaziachmetovas, A. Aleksandrovas 57-60
Convolutional Neural Network Feature Reduction using Wavelet Transform PDF
A. Levinskis 61-64


Outlier Detection in Cold-chain Logistics Temperature Monitoring PDF
Weidong Zhao, Weihui Dai, Shangchen Zhou 65-68
Application Of Computer Vision Systems For Passenger Counting In Public Transport PDF
P. Lengvenis, R. Simutis, V. Vaitkus, R. Maskeliunas 69-72
An Integrated Prediction Model for Network Traffic based on Wavelet Transformation PDF
Lei Ding, Jinhua She, Sheng Peng 73-76
Method on Specifying Consistency Rules among Different Aspect Models, expressed in UML PDF
R. Dubauskaite, O. Vasilecas 77-81


A Study on Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks using Frequency Diversity for Mitigating Multipath Effects PDF
A. Lazaro, D. Girbau, P. Moravek, R. Villarino 82-87
Real-Time Estimation of Traffic Self-Similarity Parameter in Simulink with Wavelet Transform PDF
E. Grab, S. Sarkovskis 88-91
Neural Network based Dynamic Multicast Routing PDF
N. Kojic, I. Reljin, B. Reljin 92-97
Two Layer Model for Performance Evolution of V2I Network PDF
N. Bogdanovs, E. Petersons, J. Jansons 98-101
Reviewers PDF

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731