Investigation of Asymmetric PI Controller using Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation System

  • V. Zlosnikas Semiconductor Physics Institute
  • A. Baskys Semiconductor Physics Institute
  • V. Gobis Semiconductor Physics Institute


The algorithm for control of processes with the asymmetric dynamics, which is employed in the designed digital asymmetric PI (aPI) controller, has been proposed. The investigation technique of designed aPI controller using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation system and software Simulink have been presented. The special-purpose multifunctional PC board, which includes the A/D and D/A converters, implements the link between the actual aPI controller and virtual asymmetric process realized using software Simulink and developed model of process with the asymmetric dynamics. The controller is based on the microcontroller AT89C51AC3. It is intended to use for the feedback control of air pressure of advanced energy-saving industrial ventilation systems. The designed aPI controller allows us to improve the control quality of analyzed concrete process with the asymmetric dynamics as compared with the case when popular in industry PI controller is used. Ill. 6, bibl. 7 (in English; summaries in English, Russian and Lithuanian).