Circuit Reset Sequences based on Software Prototypes

  • K. Morkūnas Kaunas University of Technology
  • R. Šeinauskas Kaunas University of Technology


In this article, sequential circuit reset and initialization problem is presented. A method and algorithm is proposed for finding shortest length reset sequences using circuit emulating software prototypes. Using a software prototype gives the benefit and possibility of early test case generation. A reset sequence is able to switch circuit to a know state, regardless of the initial state. In this work, finding a reset sequence consists of using a software prototype which emulates an actual circuit. The proposed method and algorithm use randomly generated sets of circuit states and input signals, finding the best reset candidate and the validation of solution. ISCAS'89 benchmark sequential circuits were used for experiments. The results are provided within the article. It shows, that this method can achieve better, or at least “as good as” results compared to other algorithms, even though this method operates under more difficult conditions.

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Morkūnas, K., & Šeinauskas, R. (2010). Circuit Reset Sequences based on Software Prototypes. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 103(7), 71-76. Retrieved from