Peculiarity of Availability Parameters for Microwave Systems

  • V. Grimaila Kaunas University of Technology
  • S. Kašėta Kaunas University of Technology


It is very important to estimate radio wave propagation conditions in fixed broadband microwave systems when different radio frequencies are used. Influence of rain attenuation and multipath conditions for line-of-sight radio link availability parameters are presented. Calculation and measurement results also are presented. It is indicated that rain influence into the radio wave propagation in rainfall zone E is insignificant for the LOS radio systems in frequencies until 10 GHz. It is shown that the graph calculated under multipath fade prediction method in short distances is stationary and decreases with longer path distances and more expressed at higher radio wave frequencies.

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Grimaila, V., & Kašėta, S. (2010). Peculiarity of Availability Parameters for Microwave Systems. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 104(8), 97-102. Retrieved from