Research of the Grid-Tied Power System Consisting of Wind Turbine and Boiler GALAN

  • Č. Ramonas Kaunas University of Technology
  • V. Kepalas Kaunas University of Technology
  • V. Adomavičius Kaunas University of Technology


Space heating system consisting of small-scale wind turbine and boiler GALAN is proposed and researched in this paper. Usually boiler GALAN is fed from the electric grid. The proposed system has the small wind turbine with permanent magnet synchronous generator, which feeds the boiler when the wind is blowing. In case when wind speed is too low, the boiler is fed from electric grid. In cases when the boiler does not consume all power of wind turbine or in summer, feeding of the boiler can be disconnected and the surplus power of wind turbine is supplied into electric grid. The two-step controller is used for the control of the space heating process. The power of wind turbine is also supplied into the electric grid during the pauses of power supply to the electrode boiler. The boiler can be additionally fed from the electric grid when power of the wind turbine is insufficient. Mathematic description and model for the proposed space heating system was worked out and researched. Research of the mathematical model disclosed that the system based on small-scale wind turbine and boiler GALAN is viable. The proposed system allows diminishing of the bills for electricity consumed for the space heating in a desirable amount.